The location

World Forum, The Hague

Anime 2015 will be held at the World Forum in The Hague.

We have chosen this location from a multitude of candidates and the World Forum came out on top on almost all of
our criteria:

The Hague as one of the Netherlands’ major cities lies on direct train routes from several large cities in the Netherlands and Belgium, it’s close to several interesting areas like Scheveningen, one of the busiest beach towns in the country and the World Forum is located in one of the safest areas in the country, but that is not all!

The World Forum has one of the largest theatres in Europe which has a seating capacity of over 2200 and has a stage which is more than 18 meters wide! This makes it one of the most attractive Cosplay locations of Europe. If you don't believe us, take a look at these photos the nice people of the World Forum gave us to show to you:

Because it's not only Cosplay we do we also chose the World Forum for its event possibilities, Dealer room capacity, accessibility and its overwhelming welcoming atmosphere.


The immediate area around the World Forum has 3 large hotels.
And a lot more only a little further away. See: for more hotels in The Hague.

Several Points of interest

The Beach

2,5 kilometers from the World Forum there’s a beach called 'Het Zuiderstrand', which includes a shopping arcade, a casino, a pier and many bars and restaurants.

The Park

At about five minutes walkng from the World Forum there is a public park named 'De Scheveningse Bosjes'.

Shopping for non-anime related goods

At about ten minutes walking from the World Forum there’s a shopping center which has a supermarket and several restaurants.


Please be aware that the ING ATM at the World Forum has been removed! We advise visitors to withdraw cash either at their point of departure or near the station.

A list of the nearest ATM's has been marked on this map, please be aware that bank offices might close early in the weekend, the local Albert Heijn supermarket also has a small ATM.

Ticketbooth Open

Over 400 tickets sold!

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