Manga yourself

Yatta!!! So, you want your picture drawn in the Japanese manga art style? Introducing Manga yourself!

Get yourself drawn as a Manga character!!
How does it work? It’s very easy!

  1. Choose between Sketch-Type, Manga-Type and Anime-Type.
  2. We make your picture.
  3. We draw it and send it to your Email!

When visiting our stand it’s your chance to bring out the manga in you. Do you want to make it Kawaii? Or slip into the darkness? Rise as a Hero maybe?
Make it even more FUN by bringing your FRIENDS and make your favourite anime come to life together.
When we capture the pose that you want the artist Mustayaki will make it come to life.
Mustayaki mastered the genuine Japanese Manga style and created more then +400 MANGAFICATIONS.
He’s known for his Manga ‘Ipodoboy’ and the hosts of YouTube channel 'How to BAM’ (How to Become A Mangaka).
In each and every drawing he aims for the perfect balance between the professional MANGA art style and the recognition of yourself. Guaranteed!
All the Mangafications are created digitally, meaning:

  • No waiting time! Just enjoy the Convention with your friends. We will email it!
  • Ultra Unstoppable Mega High Resolution! You can have it printed on a billboard if you want.
  • Use it directly as a profile picture and share it on twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Now’s your chance to finally know what you will look like as a manga character!!


Not required.


The usual rules apply.


Archonia Event Plaza


Friday 14:00 - Sunday 16:00

Ticketbooth Open

Prices go up in 5 days.

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