C4 Partners

Some people would like to know how we have chosen our partners for C4 (CCCC, Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup).
We’ve deliberated about this, but since we have no reason to keep the information from any of you, here are the reasons for the partners we chose.

Since the main organiser for F.A.C.T.S. in Belgium was also a founding father of AnimeCon we found it fair to ask them first. They accepted to hold the 2016 preliminaries.

For China we were already partnered with CICAF to send people to their awesome event. They wanted to show the world that in China, cosplay is a totally happening thing and we were happy to oblige them.

For Denmark, the choice was difficult. Both Genki and J-Popcon have been great friends to our team and we have shared lots of ideas with both events. Since we have been partners with J-Popcon before Genki was started, we offered them the first chance to hold preliminaries.
They took that chance. For 2016 Genki has that chance. We look forward to their competition.

France was a tough nut. The only cool event we ever visited in France, was Japan Expo with their awesome ECG (European Cosplay Gathering) finals and WCS preliminaries. We figured (and hope we did not figure wrongly) that their focus would need to be on their own event, ECG and they would not be interested in a smaller scale event like ours. So what to do? Ask the cosplay community for help! We asked them which event to go for and they told us, we would need to go through associations in France that organise cosplay at many events. We chose Bulle Japon because they were recommended by French, Wallonian and Swiss cosplayers. We asked them to hold the preliminary at a central part of the country and they chose Mang'Azur for the preliminaries.

In Germany, we partnered up with the 3rd largest Anime related event. It did not yet host an International competition and it's called Animuc, near München. We love how they run their event, as it's similar to what we try to do.

For 2017, we moved the selections to First Look, but.... we may just bring them home for 2018.

For Poland, we have been friends with the Mohi staff for several years. Since we wanted to have at least one Eastern European candidate, we immediately approached Mohi and let them choose the event they wanted to hold preliminaries at.

Negotiations started with a new event.

Due to Otaku-festival no longer being run, we moved the selections to Nijikon, their partner event.

Our friends from Hinode are a great bunch of people that also do preliminaries for WCS and CICAF and they wanted to send people to Western Europe too! So now we have our 12th partner in Russia this year!

For Spain, we chose Salon Del Manga, because it is the largest Spanish event and we have had a great working relationship with some of their team since 2011. They were the first country we asked to join in, and since they accepted, we have not looked at other events in Spain.

Switzerland, the choice there was also up for grabs. Would we let our French partner, who also hosts events in the French part of Switzerland do the preliminary? Do we choose the other great event there, or do we go to the German speaking part of Switzerland where there are no international competitions? We heard favourable stories about all three events we were looking at in the country, and decided to go with the event that has no International Cosplay show yet.

For the UK, we held several discussions with interested parties. From fan events to expo’s and then we realised we had been less then courteous to not at least ask MCM if they wanted to be partner because we have been partners with them since the start of Euro Cosplay.
They said yes.

Fantasy Ninja is a US cosplayer and personal friend who already organised the US CICAF selections. We asked her to look for US partners, as she knows the US market and we do not. The event will be held at Holiday Matsuri this December!

New partners:

Italy - TBA

Malaysia - TBA




The future of C4…

Well, since the first two editions were a success and with the help and feedback of this year’s teams we will be able to build an even better event in 2017!
So, C4, Round 3, will be held at AnimeCon again in 2017 with more countries and more awesome cosplays.

Will we add more countries?

Possibly, but for now, we have settled on an absolute maximum of 17 this year and 20 countries total (ever), as otherwise, we can’t guarantee the laid back atmosphere of the event as we intend it to be.
Once we reach 20, countries will have to drop out for new ones to be added.

Can you apply or send a request for us to look at a certain event in your country?

For now, we have our teams for 2017. We welcome your request if you are outside of Europe.

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