Anime's Got Talent 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs. Anime 2017 will once again open its stage to all amateurs and professionals alike.

Do you think you have a talent?
Do you think you got what it takes?
Do you think you can own our main stage?
This is the chance for you to bring it and to WIN it! Bring your friends, because groups are allowed. Bring your wild savage beast, because that T-rex is fine with us (domestic pets such as cats, dogs, ferrets: not so much). It can't be crazy enough, so try to convince us of your talent. Grab your moment to blow us away! 

The event will be judged by people with a music and/or entertainment background. The best act will win a prize and may even perform during the closing ceremony: get that crowd going!


Registrations for this event will open shortly and can be found here once they're open.

Signing up is not required for watching.


All the info you need will be emailed after signing up. If it's just a karaoke sing-along or some kind of Haruhi dance, these will be rejected by default. It must be original!
The maximum time per act is set at 210 seconds (3.5 minutes), for now.




'Whole Weekend' and 'Sunday Only' visitors


Archonia Room 


Sunday June 12th: time to be determined



For legal and safety reasons we are not allowed to exceed the Archonia room's maximum capacity. For the people that will miss out we will try to show a recording.

Ticketbooth Open

Order your tickets now!

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