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Welcome to AnimeCon

The Anime, Cosplay and Game Festivals!

AnimeCon festivals are about more than anime! They are international festivals for fans of anime, cosplay, games, manga and other modern Asian popular culture.

For 2020 we are preparing two festivals: AnimeCon Classic in June and a normal AnimeCon in the fall. To stay informed about the details, subscribe to our:

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AnimeCon Classic 2020 will be the 22nd edition of AnimeCon, the largest and longest running Anime festival in the Netherlands, organized since 1999 by the volunteers of the J-POP Foundation.

Join Clara in reliving the Roaring Twenties at AnimeCon 2020 in Theaterhotel Almelo from June the 5th up until June 7th 2020.

AnimeCon Classic is a more luxurious, more mature and more dazzling Japanese (pop-)culture experience. AnimeCon is reviving the roaring twenties: expect themed drinks, anime depicting the era, jazz and more! Western and Japanese twenties overlap at AnimeCon Classic for a sensational weekend. Ticket sales will open January 2020 and hotel bookings will open after the ticket sales. As in previous years, transport services will be available from selected hotels to the venue.

What about the regular AnimeCon? This one is expected to be held in autumn 2020. More will be announced before the classic ticket sales open.

Your opinion is important to us in order to decide what kind of AnimeCons we will organize in 2020! Share your thoughts on our Discord and Facebook Groups.

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