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AnimeCon festivals are about more than anime! They are international festivals for fans of anime, cosplay, games, manga and other modern Asian popular culture.

December 11-12 2021 have been reserved for the AnimeCon Christmas Special at the Broodfabriek!

Due to the severity of the COVID-19 situation, our regular edition of AnimeCon, scheduled for June 11-13 2021, as well as AnimeCon Classic on September 24-26 2021, have unfortunately been postponed to next year.

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This is a one-time 2-day AnimeCon special. The normal 3-day festival will be held in June 2022 so, no worries, your 3 days of summer fun will return. 

And what about the Classic edition that was planned for June 2020? It has been postponed to next year. Join Clara in reliving the Roaring Twenties at AnimeCon Classic in Theaterhotel Almelo in 2022.

AnimeCon Classic is a more luxurious, more mature and more dazzling Japanese (pop-)culture experience. AnimeCon is reviving the roaring twenties: expect themed drinks, anime depicting the era, jazz and more! Western and Japanese twenties overlap at AnimeCon Classic for a sensational weekend. Anyone who has already purchased a ticket for the 2020 edition and keeps it will be upgraded to a Hero Ticket, which comes with several perks to be announced at a later date.

The regular edition of AnimeCon in June 2022 is another prospect to look forward to. AnimeCon is the largest and longest running Anime festival in the Netherlands, organized since 1999 by the volunteers of the J-POP Foundation. Expect lots of vendors in the Dealer Room, an extensive Game Room, a huge variety of food and drinks, concerts, lectures and competitions of all kinds. This edition will be held in the Broodfabriek (Bread Factory) Rijswijk.

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