The Theaterhotel in Almelo has been around as a hotel for conferences and theater since the 1980s and has hosted animecon from 2004 until the last edition in Almelo in 2012. For the Classic edition in 2022 we are returning to this location with a ritzy roaring twenties feel.

The hotel building can be confusing. The building combines a 19th century theater with the 17th century "old society" building, with a modern 20th century hotel in between. To complete the picture they have added a 21st century wing to the side of the building. It has a main entrance - pictured above - as well as a side visitor entrance through the old society building - the picture below. Thanks to this unique combination of styles we can change the feel of events by choosing the location in the building. For cosplay photography the hotel is a heaven. 

The terrace

The hotel is located right next to a green park around landgoed Huize Almelo that is another top location for spiffy cosplay foto shoots. Exiting from the other side of the venue you immediately stroll into the swell city center of Almelo which will give all you hoofers plenty of opportunity to find entertainment away from the convention.

Getting to the hotel is as easy as finding a speakeasy on a friday night. On the directions page we've show all the options available including parking instructions and public transport options.