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AnimeCon.nl is the website for Holland's largest annual anime festival. What does that mean you ask? Well, it's a three-day gathering of fans with a focus on Japanse animation. What it basically comes down to is that you can join a group of people of all ages and enjoy a nice atmosphere in which you can enjoy movies, play computer games, talk and learn some things about Japan and its culture. In this last point we defer from many European festivals, where they usually have a couple of video streams, a game room and a large sales point.

We try to add the extra impulse to our event by actually portraying parts of the Japanese (popular) culture. Our mission is to let you have a lot of fun and give you a chance to learn something new.

Why is this 'anime' thing different than those nice Disney films we see on TV? Well, the difference is mainly in the fact that Disney and most other US or Europe based animation studios keep to the tried and true movies with songs and funny critters or the action hero type TV shows. Anime is different in this. Any genre or influence you can think of that appears in a normal Hollywood production (live action movie) can also be found in Anime. This is what makes the Japanese produced animation so interesting.

In Japan animation is produced for people of all age groups as opposed to European or US created animation, which is mainly aimed at children or is drawn in such an 'artistic' way as to only appeal to adults (Dr. Katz for instance). If you have not seen any 'anime' before, be sure to come and visit us to check out this phenomenon. Be there, be amazed, and become a fan!

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