Dealer information

This page contains information for organizations and people who are interested to rent dealer tables at Anime 2018. Visitors to Anime 2018 who want more information about the dealer room should look at our event program dealer page.

Dealer tables can be ordered starting the 24th of January 2018.

Subscribe to the mailing list on our Dealer Registration Site to keep up to date. Using the registration of that subscription you will also be able to book tables for Anime 2018 in January.

You can now download the 2018 dealer information with the prices for the 2018 edition of AnimeCon at the bottom of this page below.

To order tables (as soon as they are available for ordering) or subscribe to our dealer mailing list go to our:

Dealer Registration Site

First time dealers

If you have already visited other festivals as a dealer, the main difference with ours is probably that we are a convention where the anti-bootleg policy is not a dead letter. Our bootleg page explains how active we are in fighting bootlegs.

For all first time dealers: we will want to know who you are, what you plan to sell and make sure there are no bootlegs among your wares. On the other hand we will also help you to make sure your wares are legal and we do our best to listen to all suggestions and complaints from our dealers. We may be an all-volunteer organization but we do try our best and we care about our convention.

The main changes in 2018

For dealers who know us, nothing really changed except for a small price rise. This a summary of the changes, for the full overview check our full dealer information document.

  • We will handle dealers by preference: dealers who have previously cost our staff to much time on e.g. bootlegs may be refused their booking
  • We do not allow the sale of "lucky bags"
  • Extra tickets are € 1,- more expensive
  • It has become easier to sponsor AnimeCon
  • If you have planned events in the dealer room (like signing sessions, competitions and fashion shows) we can add those to our online and paper timeline program
  • We do allow dealers to provide catering - but not in the dealer room, contact: catering (at)
  • Our general terms have changed in 2018

Dealer information documents

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