Festival related FAQ

  • Will you have a cosplay discount?
    Unfortunately, we cannot give a cosplay discount. However, the prizes for the cosplay competition will be worthwhile.

  • Why do I always have to wear my badge visibly?
    Because otherwise we do not know if you are a paying festival guest or a culprit that tries to get in without paying. You will be expelled for not wearing your badge according to the house rules.

  • Why can't I bring bags into event rooms?
    Because they could be a hindrance in the event of fire or other emergency situations. They can also be used for theft of equipment or merchandise. Please do not bring bags if you do not have a room and do not wish to leave them with us.

  • When I pay for my ticket, when will I get it?
    Check the Ticket FAQ.

  • When do I have to leave when I am a Friday or Saturday Only visitor?
    At 24:00 hours. But make sure you can get home safe when using public transport!

  • What does a ticket for the festival cost?
    That depends on WHEN you buy your ticket. Please refer to the ticket booth.

  • I have been invited as a Journalist or would like to visit your event as a Journalist. What do I do to get in?
    First read our press page. Please send our press contact an e-mail using our contact form (choose 'Press info request' from the subject drop-down menu).Only accredited press may apply

  • I am a minor, can you let me join the festival?
    Sure, but you must ask permission from your parents or guardian. Please hand this proof over at the festival desk. If you are younger than 13 a parent or guardian must accompany you at all times. Some events will be off limits to you.

  • Can kids attend for free?
    Children up to and including the age of 6 can attend the festival for free, under constant supervision of a responsible, paying adult. They do need a badge, which can be created for them at the Registration Desk during the festival.
    Should we find free-roaming children, we may ask you to take a time out, outside of the festival.

  • Have you thought about accessibility to the video rooms and events for wheelchair users or other disabled people?
    Sure, all the rooms are wheelchair friendly and there are elevators.

  • Can I bring my Laptop/PDA/Smartphone/whatever electronic gadget, so I can show people some neat Anime that you lot aren't showing?
    No. Especially laptops are prohibited on the festival terrain. And you are not allowed to show your own movies etc. either, using any device. The reason for this is we can only show material for which we have received showing permissions.
    You are, of course, allowed to use your Smartphone or PDA for phone calls and what have you.

Ticket Sales Closed

Booth open: 01-Oct-21

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