Help us out!

Every year we try our utmost to make the festival appear as professional to our visitors as we can, but did you know that AnimeCon is largely run by volunteers?
There are three groups of volunteers who help make the festival the huge success it has already been for so many years:

  • Firstly there is our Staff, people who work tirelessly year-round to select the video program, book the largest Japanese artists, make sure your favourite dealers are represented in the Dealer Room, and pretty much everything else at the festival. They can be recognised by their red Staff t-shirts, and their exhausted, but generally pleased appearance.
  • Then we have our Stewards, a group of people responsible for making sure that the festival runs without major calamities. They are the hosts of our festival, and are always ready to help out the visitors. They run crowd management, do safety checks, escort the VIPs around and support our security and first aid teams. You can recognise them through their yellow jackets.
  • Finally, we have our Gophers. This group of volunteers is responsible for actually running the festival: from printing badges, to making sure your bags can be stored safely, manning the video rooms and hosting events. They’re easily recognisable through their special volunteering t-shirts and badges.

All these people are proud of their hobby and like to put in a little extra time and effort to make sure that others can enjoy the festival to the fullest. But that’s not the only reason: volunteering comes with a host of nice perks, as a small token to show our appreciation.

Perk What does it mean?
Volunteer forum access Whereas everyone is able to participate on the AnimeCon forums, volunteers get access to a private sub-forum for direct access to and collaboration with the rest of our Staff and volunteers.
Volunteer Lounge access Because we care about the health and well-being of our volunteers, you’ll get access to a special “Volunteer lounge” where you can rest, have a chat, and enjoy some light refreshments.
Free Ticket
Providing you help us out for at least 12 hours during the festival, we’ll either refund your ticket or give you a free ticket for the next festival.We would like our crew to be easily recognizable by visitors and thus we provide you with a free crew T-shirt (pending sponsorship)
Free T-shirt Let’s make sure that you can show that you like to help out! This makes sure that you’re easily recognizable by our visitors.
A special badge Another special token to highlight your participation as a volunteer.
A small goodie at the end Our sponsors sometimes provide us with gifts and goodies during the festival, and we divide whatever remains among the volunteers.
Our eternal gratitude If all of that isn't enough, there's always our gratitude! We are very grateful to anyone who is willing to give up some of their free time to help us out.

If you’re willing to help us out, please sign up on one of the volunteering portals. The portals also tell you about the requirements and perks specific to either of the teams.

Not convinced yet? You’re a tough one! Please share any questions or concerns with us through the forum or the contact form, and we’ll help you find the right answer.

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