Help us out!

To our visitors we may look like a professional organization, which runs a smooth festival throughout the weekend. They enjoy our video program, events, concerts and workshops to the fullest.

However, all this would not be possible if it weren’t for our volunteers! These are the people who make the festival a success every year, by helping us out in many different ways.

Actually, there are three kinds of volunteers who help make the festival the huge success it has been for so many years already.

First there is the Staff. These are the people who are working year-round to organize the festival, pick out the best video program, try to book the most awesome Japanese artists, find the best of the best when it comes to dealers and everything else you can find at our festival.  Even before the last day of the festival is over, they are already thinking up new and improved ideas for next year’s event. The Staff can be recognized by their red Staff-shirts and exhausted but pleased appearance, especially on the last day of the festival.

Then there are the Stewards. They are the guys and girls who keep an eye on the safety of our visitors and make sure that the festival runs without major calamities. They perform safety checks all over the festival grounds and basic crowd control at busy events. Before the "Big Weekend", they take part in a professional one day workshop in security and crowd management. You can recognize them by their yellow/green safety vests and radios. They can be found all over the festival and are the go-to guys if there are any problems.

And last, but most certainly not least! The Gophers. This is the biggest group of volunteers and maybe even the most important one. Gophers are the volunteers that help out by working shifts all over the festival, from the cloakroom to the video rooms, from events and workshops to toilet cleaning duties. Ok, so maybe not really toilet cleaning duties, but most of our volunteers are dedicated enough to do it. Gophers are easily recognized by their Gopher-shirt and badge. They can answer most of the questions you have, or at least get you to the right person who can.

All these people are proud of their hobby and like to put in a little extra time and effort to make sure that others can enjoy the festival to the fullest. But that is not the only reason to volunteer for helping us out. As gopher or steward, you get a couple of nice perks as well! As the festival is still growing every year, we can always use more people helping us out. So if you would like to work behind the scenes of one of the biggest Japanese pop-culture festivals in the Netherlands, be sure to sign up as a volunteer! Of course you will not be working during the entire weekend, so there is always plenty of time to enjoy the festival yourself.

The AV crew


  • They run our video rooms, playing the films and series you all enjoy so much.
  • They perform periodic checks for sleepers.
  • They also perform periodic checks for food consumption.


  • Affinity with AV equipment.
  • Each AV gopher needs to pull one night shift of approximately 4 hours.

The desk crew


  • They welcome you at the registration desk when you sign in.
  • They provide our visitors with information and answer all questions you may have.


  • Flexibility and dedication.
  • Good people skills.

The events crew


  • They supervise all of the events that run during the weekend.
  • Where needed, they will help out in any of the workshops.
  • They also perform periodic checks for food consumption.


  • Flexibility and dedication.

The cloak room shift


  • They take your coats and luggage at the cloak room.
  • They guard over your belongings and do their utmost best to make sure nothing gets lost.


  • Because the cloak room has always been a bit a of a problematic area every volunteer (except the Staff and Stewards) is required to perform at least one of these shifts.
  • The ability to take care of other people's belongings in an organised manner.

The Stewards (security support)

Stewards truly are a class of their own. All information on what it means to be a steward at AnimeCon can be found on the Steward Portal.

As you can see, without the volunteers there wouldn't BE a festival! And we can always use more volunteers. In 2005 we had about fourty people helping us out, which is about one out of every thirty visitors. In 2013 we even had one hundred and fifty people volunteering! Looking at it that way, it doesn't sound like very much does it?

So if you would be willing to help us out, please select 'Volunteering' from the menu. We really won't ask much of you and in return for your favour you will receive a few perks above the normal visitors. In order to volunteer, you need to be at least 16 years old during the festival.

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