So our stories of what Gophers and Stewards do to help us out haven't scared you off! You must be made of the right material. Before we tell you how you could sign up we would like to tell you about the special perks our volunteers receive. We think your time and effort is worth a lot, so we like to reward those willing to help us out.


Perk What does it mean?
Gopher forum access Any visitor of our website has access to the AnimeCon.nl forums, where they can ask questions and discuss things with the Staff members. However, only volunteers get access to the Gopher sub forum! Over there, you can join the rest of the Staff and volunteers to help and discuss the preparations before the festival.
Gopher Lounge access Because we like to ensure the health and well-being of our volunteers we give them access to a 'crew only' part of the festival grounds. In this room our volunteers can rest and have a chat. We also provide you with some light refreshments, like sodas and sandwiches.
Free T-shirt We would like our crew to be easily recognizable by visitors and thus we provide you with a free crew T-shirt (pending sponsorship)
A special badge Along with the aforementioned T-shirt comes the special Gopher/Steward badge. This will show everyone that you are an official volunteer.
A small goodie at the end Our sponsors provide us with many gifts and goodies to give out during the festival. Most of these get used as prize material for the various competitions. What gets left over is divided among our volunteers.
Our eternal gratitude If all of that isn't enough, there's always our gratitude! We are very grateful to anyone who is willing to give up some of their free time to help us out.

There are also two other perks that will not be available to every volunteer.


Perk What does it mean?
Free ticket for the next festival Depending on your performance as a volunteer during the festival (this includes running a minimum number of shifts) you will receive a free ticket for the next festival! We do this because we would love to keep these 'special' volunteers on board, to help out with the next festival.
Free Steward training Stewards will be given a professional training by Bauke Jonkmans (www.baukejonkmans.nl). In this one day training you will learn how to handle crowd control, how to handle emergency situations, people skills, and a look at the Dutch law. You will receive an official certificate afterwards that will look nice on your resume. This training normally costs about € 225,- but is offered FREE to our Stewards!

In the end, if you are willing to help, contact us as soon as possible using our contact form (select Gophering from the Subject dropdown field of the form). The following will then happen:

  • You will be registered as a volunteer.
  • You will gain access to the Gopher sub fora.
  • You will need to enter some information in the Gopher Roll-call discussion.
  • Before the festival you will be assigned to one of the teams.
  • Before the festival you will receive instructions and documentation describing your tasks during the festival.
  • Before the festival you will receive your final schedule, showing your shifts.

If you would like to sign up as a Steward, please head on over to our special Steward Portal.

Still not convinced? Wow, you're a tough one! Please give us the opportunity to win you over, by heading over to the forum where you can discuss what is keeping you from becoming a volunteer. We have already tackled a number of questions from people just like you and we have been able to win over a few already.

Please do keep in mind that you will be asked to pay for your ticket, the first time you are helping out as a volunteer. Depending on whether the amount of work you put in meets the pre-defined requirements, you will receive free entrance at our next festival.

Ticket Sales Closed

Booth open: 01-Feb-20

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