Anime 2011 Mangaschool drawing contest

Mangaschool is proud to announce the Anime 2011 Mangaschool drawing contest. During the whole weekend Mangaschool will be hosting this special contest. Since last year’s contest was so well received we decided to do it again. And of course a special prize including a real trophy is offered to the contest winner. And to give everyone a chance there is also a small prize offered for the person who we think shows the most potential during the weekend.

Like last year the theme of the contest will match the one of the festival itself. So the theme is creatures of the night. Not feeling too inspired by just the theme? No problem, we will feature a new fitting subtheme every hour for even more inspiration.

So how does it work? During the whole weekend we will have our art-studio available for everyone on the festival. You decide how you make your masterpiece. Whether you use pencils, copic markers or rather use one of the screen tablets, it’s fully up to you. If you create a digital piece of art we got printers available to get it into paper. When you’re done with drawing you write down your name, address and phone number on the back of the paper so we know who won.

On Sunday at 14.00 we will grab all submissions and pick the two winners. All submissions will be rated on how well the piece of art is compiled, relevance to the theme and originality. The winners will be announced at the Anime 2011 ending ceremony.

Just in case you missed some of the information or want to re-read the important parts, here is everything one more time in a more structured manner:


Anime 2011 Mangaschool drawing contest


Event plaza.


Whole weekend.


Sunday 14.00


Creatures of the night.


  • No gore
  • No nudity
  • One submission per person


A trophy and a bag full of surprises for the winner and a bag for the contestant with the most potential.

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