EMV contest

General information

What are EMV’s and what is this contest all about?

EMV is short for Ecchimated Music Video, an artform creating short movies using existing anime or fan made art in combination with (popular) music. The video’s can be compared to regular music video’s which are shown on TMF and MTV. The EMV contest during Anime 2011 is an event where a number of submitted EMV’s compete for the title of ‘Best Anime 2011 EMV’. All rules and guidelines for submitting your own EMV to compete during the Anime 2011 EMV competition are posted below.

Who is hosting and organising this EMV competition?

The competition will be hosted and judged by a select group of people who know their stuff. As for the judges; a dirty mind is a joy forever, somebody once said, and the staff minds are filled with joy. Therefore, the EMV's will be judged and awarded by a few of our staff members on things like technique, humour, story (well, as far as porn has one) and effects; after which one winner will be chosen and will be the proud bearer of the title for the best/dirtiest (or both) EMV.

When and where?

The EMV 2011 contest will take place on late Friday evening during Anime 2011. A re-run will be played on Saturday evening. To either watch or participate in the contest you will need a valid Whole Weekend ticket for the Anime 2011 festival. The exact time of competition will be announced later, but will be too late for Saturday visitors. The contender needs to be present at the EMV event itself.

Sounds great, how can I create and submit my own EMV?

Remember, creating EMV’s requires creative as well as a technical skills. A lot of these skills can be learned but will require some effort to master. There are also a couple of rules and restrictions that you have to take into account. Reading the information below will help you get underway.

How can I make my own EMV?

New editors and experienced editors alike should read this guide. It’s a great starting point but also contains information which will make experienced editors scratch their heads. More guides on the subject of EMV’s can be found here.

Will there be a DVD with all the EMV's on sale after the contest?

Regrettably NO... Dutch law forbids us to do this and acquiring the needed licenses would be very expensive, not to mention undoable (try to acquire 50+ licenses just for the sale of a couple of DVD's takes way too much time). For the same reason we will not webcast these EMV's in any form or manner.

Content specific rules for the Anime 2011 EMV contest.


This contest is an Erotic ANIMATED Music Video contest with extra's. The music video you submit should thus predominantly contain anime footage. You are allowed to use live-action footage and footage from movies, but make sure that at least 50% of the music video contains anime footage.

The use of fan made art and manga scans is allowed. You can make your entire video a 3 minute reading of a manga novel if you want, but make it an interesting one, or you will probably not win the contest.


Using the same logic as above we could state that this is an Erotic Animated MUSIC Video contest. We thus strongly advise you to use music (note the ‘advise’ part, if you want you could use a 3 minute long conversation, but we doubt anyone would be thankful for that). You are not restricted to a music genre, everyone’s opinion about ‘good’ music differs, so just use whatever you like. If you want to use audio from an Anime in your EMV you are restricted to using audio from the original Anime release (thus the Japanese audio). Using dubs will not be permitted due to licensing issues.

Graphical content

The EMV Competition 2011 is an 18+ event

It may be called ecchi, but we encourage you to create EMV’s with excessive graphics, pornography or other footage that may upset regular viewers. EMV’s that do not adhere to this rule will probably be excluded from the contest or be left in and boo-ed upon by the audience. If you're not sure if your EMV complies with this rule you could send it in regardless. All EMV’s will be viewed beforehand. If your EMV does not comply with the rules you will be disqualified! If it simply does not play, we will contact you, enabling you to make any changes which might be needed to allow the EMV to play However, you need to make sure you’ve sent in your EMV early enough to give yourself enough time to make the deadline!


EMV’s are allowed to contain spoilers, there are no restrictions in this field.

The 3-minute rule

The most discussed rule of the EMV competition is surely the famed ‘3-minute rule’. This rule basically states that all EMV’s entered in the contest must be three minutes long or less. Why is this? Well, Dutch law basically states that public showings of copyrighted material are allowed free of charge, as long as no more than 3 minutes of the material is shown. Allowing EMV’s longer than 3 minutes to be shown would cause the need of acquiring expensive licenses (if they even can be acquired) making this impossible for us to do without, for example, charge the contenders or the public for this. Since we do not want to do this (and assume the contenders or public doesn’t want this either) we have opted for the 3-minute rule and thus stay within the ‘free of charge’ boundaries of Dutch law. If your EMV is longer than 3 minutes, everything after the 3 minute point will be cut off! Discussion at the forum about this rule is NOT appreciated.


It is required to add a 5 second SILENT (no sound) sequence naming ALL the original sources/titles, main creators and rights holders of the footage and audio you used to create your EMV. It's only fair to them anyway and a legal requirement. This sequence should be put after your EMV, and should be comprised of readable white text on a black background. Do not put ANYTHING else in this sequence, like your (the EMV's creator's) name or website, as this would possibly interfere with the judging process.

Logo's, other credits and what have you

The EMV is not allowed to show any (including fansubbers) logo's, credits, subtitles, etc. A creditless opening or ending sequence is often provided on commercially available DVD's and BRD's if you need them.Only subtitles made by yourself which are needed for the EMV to "work" are allowed.

Video padding

You must add 2~3 seconds of SILENT (no audio) black to the beginning and end of your EMV. By ‘black’ we mean footage without sound or picture. If you used 3 seconds of padding your EMV is allowed to have a total length of 3:11 (three minutes of audio & video, 5 seconds of credits and 6 seconds of padding). If your EMV exceeds these limits the ending will be cut off.

Intro and outro's

These are NOT allowed, nor is it allowed to mention the EMV creator's name in your EMV's audio, video or credits. The reason for this is that we don't want anybody to feel that the judges have a prejudice for an EMV creator.

File format guidelines for the Anime 2011 EMV contest

Nowadays there are a lot of CODECS and formats to encode audio and video but we will ONLY accept a few to ensure our equipment plays everything correctly. These will be announced at a later date

Video containers and codecs

We recommend using standard containers and codecs like divx, xvid, h264 and mpeg2. You are welcome to use something else, though, but keep in mind that we
can't support every single codec and container that's out there. We will however downright refuse closed and/or low-res formats like RealMedia, FLV and Quicktime/MOV. Don't make it harder than it needs to be.

Video resolutions supported

  • 720 × 480 pixels
  • 704 × 480 pixels
  • 1280 x 720 pixels
  • 1920 x 1080 pixels

Due to equipment limits, 720p will probably be the best we can do, so unless you are adamant on making a FullHD video, we recommend going for 720p.

Aspect ratio

  • 4:3
  • 16:9
  • 16:9 anamorphic *

*) We can not guarantee using 16:9 anamorphic will be correctly displayed on the specific equipment combination we will be using for the festival. There is no way we can test this beforehand. Use at your own risk!

Submitting your EMV for the Anime 2011 EMV contest

Submit Form

For submitting an EMV to compete in the Anime 2011 EMV contest you NEED to use our downloadable EMV submit form. To view and print this (PDF) form you will need Acrobat Reader, which is a free and safe download. To download Acrobat Reader please visit the Adobe website. Your submission needs to be accompanied by this completely and truthfully filled out (and signed) Anime 2011 Festival EMV contest submit form. By submitting your EMV and signing this form you agree to the rules and regulations (including the disclaimer at the end of this webpage) as stated on this webpage. Do not separately send in the form and your entry, they need to accompany each other when you send them in.

Submit deadline

Your entry must be postmarked no later than the date we will announce on the forum (this means it needs to be posted early enough on that date to receive the date stamp from the post office). So to ensure that you can compete in the EMV contest make sure your EMV is sent in ON TIME.

What happens to my EMV after I’ve sent it?

To prevent repeat performances (ie. EMV's which already have been submitted to other festivals, if they have such a competition), we have an agreement with those festivals. This means that your EMV and your personal details will be made available to the person responsible for their EMV- competition.

Suffice to say that nothing else will happen to your EMV or your details; we will not make anything public other than playing the video's at Anime 20XX, unless you give us explicit permission to do so.

Digital submissions

It's no problem for us to download your video from somewhere on the web, but we can't offer an FTP-service for those who don't have a server themselves. Digital video files take up a reasonable amount of bandwidth and our website sponsor actually has to pay for this, so we don’t want to burden them with these costs.
If you have an FTP-server yourself; more power to you. Please provide us with the details so we can download the file from your server. If you don't have a server, you might want to try a public alternative.
However, because digitally submitting your video could happen the same day (not saying that it will happen the same day, but it’s possible) you might think that you can send in your video on the last day of the submission deadline. While you theoretically could do this, please send it at you earliest convenience to allow us to check your video and to get back to you if something's amiss.

Also, do not even think about e-mailing your submission. You’ll end up clogging up our mailbox and make sure we will not let you enter the contest!

The address

The address to submit your EMV to can be found on the submission form.


If you want to enter the EMV contest you are obliged to have purchased a Weekend ticket for Anime 2011, due to the time of the event, which is past the closing time for Saturday visitors.

The reason we only want registered members to compete is to stop the contest from being a nice Internet-driven contest where contest hoppers can dump their EMV’s. We’d like for people to actually enjoy the hard work they’ve put into an EMV by seeing the audience react to it, and we need the editors to judge the other EMV's.
So to put it short, no ticket = no contest. For the same reasons you also need to attend the contest itself (we will check this at the festival)!

Number of entries allowed

Only one entry per person is allowed.

Other questions?

If you still have questions regarding the EMV contest that are not answered on this page, please direct them to the appropriate forum.


'Whole Weekend' visitors ONLY.


To be announced.


Friday/Saturday night.


Rules and schedules are subject to change without notice. Noncompliance with the procedures or requirements mentioned on this webpage and the submission form could result in disqualification. Loss of or damage to submissions, due to transport or any other reason will not be compensated in any way. Stichting Promotie Japanse Popcultuur has the right to withhold or disqualify your submision from the contest without providing a reason. By submitting material you grant Stichting Promotie Japanse Popcultuur the right to publically show said material on the Anime 2011 Festival and the right to create copies and/or conversions of the submitted material for technical and/or organisatory purposses. To be eligible for a prize you need to attend the AMV contest in person. It is not possible to correspond with Stichting Promotie Japanse Popcultuur about the outcome of the event.

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