Kinjin "Evil Jan-Ken-Pon" and other games

An Evil Games Competition is the ultimate test for people with interest in Japanese culture. It's an event where many abilities, mostly acquired on conventions and at Kinjin, are put to the test! But above all an Evil Games Competition is filled with many strange, but very enjoyable games where you can win prices! The Evil Games have become a tradition amongst the members of Kinjin and during Animecon 2011 we will give you the chance to experience the Kinjin Evil Games!

We will present 4 different Evil Games, here's a short explanation of what you can expect:

Evil Jan-Ken-Pon

Jan-Ken-Pon is the Japanese name for Rock-Paper-Scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock and rock beats scissors. It's a game where reflexes, speed, luck and judgment skills are put to the test! When playing Evil Jan-Ken-Pon, 2 heroic contestants battle each other equipped with a paper fan and a protective helmet. Whoever beats the other with Jan-Ken-Pon gets a chance to hit the other with the paper fan, but at the same time the loser may put on the helmet to safe himself. You really lose when you don’t protect yourself fast enough. As you advance towards the final, the game itself gets more awesome, more complicated and more evil! Come by if you’re up for a real challenge, but beware of the Evil Jan-Ken-Pon veterans that survived the game during previous conventions!

Evil Obstacle Course

The Evil Obstacle Course consists of multiple challenges. In order to win you’ll have to find your inner balance and uncover your hidden abilities. Participants will be divided into teams of 2 and you’ll have to combine your strengths to reach the goal! Interested? Then please feel free to show us your courage as you struggle your way through the Evil Obstacle Course!

Evil Dodgeball

Evil Dodgeball is all about annihilating your enemies using our special tools of mass destruction. Whoever gets hit will be eliminated so show no mercy! However you might want to keep your head up, for if you don’t, you might just end up eliminating yourself. You will have to work together with your companions before you destroy them. Drop by if you feel like crushing some mortals!

Evil Trial of Unlimited Japanese Trivia

The Evil Trial of Unlimited Japanese Trivia, also known as the Evil Quiz, will challenge your knowledge of Japan. Besides using your head you will also have to observe your surroundings and choose the correct path when answering the questions. If you choose the correct path you will be rewarded with treasures so epic we can’t even speak of! Will you follow the others like a sheep or do you have the knowledge and troll sense inside of you to become the true master of the Evil Trial of Unlimited Japanese Trivia and acquire the treasures so epic we can’t even mention?

What is Kinjin


Kinjin is a cultural society located in Eindhoven that introduces students to Japan and its rich culture. We provide various kinds of information about Japanese culture and organize different activities, both traditional and popular Japanese events. These activities include watching anime, DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), zen sessions, tea ceremonies, Japanese Riichi, parapara, karaoke and RPG-nights. Our room is open at a daily basis. Kinjin members get together to participate in Japanese cultural activities or just to gather in a relaxing environment. We also have weekly activities on Wednesday evenings and our sub-societies get together on regular basis on other evenings. If you're interested in Japanese culture and you like to do more with it, pay a visit to Kinjin or during one of the Wednesday evening activities. For more information, take a look at or send an e-mail to


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