Judge Profiles

Name: Patrick Hartmann
Gender: Male
Birth date: 11.02.1982
Blood type: Red
Country of origin: Germany

Favourite food: 
I love sushi. Also i love everything that has meat.
Favourite books/authors:
Don't really have a favorite there.
I like to read fun stuff, don't really like drama / sentimental stuff.
Favourite Hobbies:
Full-Time-Nerd. (Games, Anime, Manga, Gadgets, Computers, Music and so on.)
Favourite colour:
Uhm.. blue, i think?
Favourite games:
Stuff like the Tales of... Series, Trusty Bell, Shadow Hearts. JRPGs in general. Also Valkyria Chronicles.
Favourite sports:
I don't enjoy watching sports, neither do i enjoy taking part in them XD
Favourite anime:
Kidou Senkan Nadesico. (I also love Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu)
Favourite manga:
Eden. Also 4koma Stuff like Yotsuba.
Amount of costumes made:
A full total of one. And i kind of failed. XD I will try again some time.

When and how did you start being involved with cosplay?
I've been interested in cosplay since i started going to cons. I never made a decent costume myself, I'd rather take pictures of it. But my Girlfriend is a real cosplay geek. Watching and helping her doing her costunes is where i got to know about the hard work that's behind it.
When she won the World Cosplay Summit preliminaries for Germany in 2009 I had the opportunity to help with media stuff in Japan and started getting involved with organizing of the prelims.
Starting 2011 (Prelims for WCS 2012) I am one half of the organizing team for the WCS in Germany.
What international contests have you been involved with?
I am part of the organizing team for the World Cosplay Summit Preliminaries for Germany, and have been given the opportunity to be a Judge for WCS 2011 Prelims at J-Popcon in Denkmark.
The worst thing someone can do on stage:
Be annoying to the audience. Naruto-Yaoi-skits count.

What will you do in when the world ends in 2012?
I'll probably die.
Right before that I think I'll say something like, damn, i haven't even finished a whole bunch of games yet.
Ever felt like a child of the night?
Hell yeah.

 Stine Holm Jensen
Gender: Unknown
Birth date: 13 December 
Blood type: Coming soon
Country of origin: Denmark

Favorite foods: 
Pecorino cheese and udon noodles,
but not at the same time.
Favourite books/Authors: 
Oscar Wilde, Bret Easton Ellis,
Murakami Ryo. 
Cosplay, drawing and writing. 
Favorite colour:
Petrol, black and gray. 
Favorite games: 
Phoenix Wright
Favorite sports:  
Anything I do not have to participate in, and/or watch. Except maybe martial arts and fencing! 

Favorite anime:
Mononoke (Ayakashi), 
Favorite manga: 
DOGS - Bullets and Carnage, D.Gray-man, Bleach, anything by Tsutomu Nihei.
Amount of costumes made:

When and how did you start cosplaying?

I have been making my own clothes since I was 15. Later, I began to make rococo dresses and recreate medieval garb. I started making cosplay costumes in 2005, because I saw how much some of my friends enjoyed it. I like the added challenge of having to be as true to the character's personality, as to the intricate details of their outfit.
 What international contests have
 you participated in/won?

 I participated in World Cosplay summit
 2007 and  Euro cosplay 2010. 
 What is your best cosplay ever?
 This is a difficult question. It depends on
 whether one finds the most detailed and
 time-consuming the best, or whether it is
 the one that you enjoyed wearing the
 most. But I would have to say Kusuri Uri,
 because I am fairly satisfied with the
 outcome and I love wearing it (despite
 the fact that it takes about three hours to
 put on). 
 The worst thing someone can do
 on stage:

 Very long soliloquies that do not reach
 out to the audience, and lack of being in
What will you do in when the world ends in 2012?

I will be sitting in my secret underground lair, wondering why my excellent plan for world salvation failed.
Oh, and having a glass of fine claret,
Ever felt like a child of the night?
Yes, but I always have a terrible hangover afterwards.

Name: Casper Jensen
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 5 December
Blood type: AB+
Country of origin: Denmark

Favorite foods:
Cold brussels sprouts salad.
Favorite books/Authors:
.Hack//Another birth series.
Author/manga-ka: Tsutomu Nihei
Favorite hobbies:
Cosplay, designing for web/graphics
Favorite colour:
Dark brown
Favorite games:
Vanquish (Xbox 360) and Gears of War
Favorite sports:
Nihon Ju juitsu and Brazilian Ju juitsu
Favorite anime:
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Favorite manga:
Keroro Gunso
Amounts of costumes made:

When and how did you start cosplaying?
I started cosplaying back in 2005, the year after I attended my first convention in Denmark. I've been involved with anime and manga the most of my life, but mostly not really knowing it was either anime or manga as a kid. When I turned about 14 years old, some friends got me interested in the j-popculture and  we attended the before mentioned convention in 2004. It was the first time I saw people dressing up as characters and I decided to try to go as a character the next convention. So after the first couple of cosplays, the boulder just kept rolling and my interest in dressing up as characters from anime and manga grew as well as my interest in j-popculture.
What is your overal major cosplay exprience?
I'm the chief editor of the Danish cosplay magazine called CosMag, which is an online published application that is offered for free. The magazines main goal is to provide inspiration and widen the knowledge of cosplay and japanese fashion.
I haven't participated in any international cosplay contests as a cosplayer, but I've participated as a judge in the German WCS qualifications for 2010.
What is your best cosplay ever?
That would definitely be my cosplay as
the soul of Kusuri Uri (Cosplayed by
Stine Holm Jensen) / Nopera Bo from
the series of Mononoke (Ayakashi).
Just the process of putting the costume on is crazy.

The worst thing someone can do on stage:
That would be being out of character and ridiculing the character.
What would you do if the world ends in 2012?
Well that would depend on the situation, but instinctually I would try to gather my family and friends for one hell of a party.
Ever felt like a child of the night?
Nah, I don't like to sparkle when I'm exposed to sunlight.

 KOIKI (a.k.a Julia Laurant)
Gender: Female
Birth date: 14 July
Blood type: O+
Country of origin: : Singapore

Favortie Foods:
Japanese Katsu Curry Rice
Japanese Sukiyaki
Japanese Yakiniku
Singaporean Laksa
Mommy’s Cooking
Favortie Japanese Idols/Musicians:
Ishikawa Sayuri
Horikita Maki
Favorite Books/Authors:
All books from the following authors :
Eiji Yoshikawa
Malcolm Gladwell
Daisuke Ikeda
Judith McNaught
Julie Garwood

Cosplay, Singing – Anime /Japanese pop/Enka, Modeling, Acting, Dance – Ballet, Photography, Making Costumes/My Own Clothes.
Favorite Colour:
White, Black, Pink, Deep Red.
Favorite Games:
World of Warcraft – constant player since the game began
Ragnarok Online – Heavy PVPer
Sengoku Musou (Samurai Warriors)
Guitar Hero & Rockband
Archery - did competitive archery for 3 years.

Favorite Anime:
Black Lagoon
Gundam SEED
Lucky Star
Spirited Away
Howl’s Moving Castle
The Place Promised in our Early Days
Favorite Manga:
Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu Made (Until Death Do Us Part)
Nurairihyon no Mago
Immortal Regis + Cavalier of the Abyss

Amount of costumes made:
About 25-30 costumes
When and how did you start cosplaying?
Was introduced to Gundam SEED 7 years ago, and was hooked to the anime. Lacus Clyne’s costumes made me drool so much I wanted to make them for myself in real life. I had no sewing machine, no money, and no knowledge on how to sew. I only knew how to sew buttons lol……..
In the end, I resorted to piecing together several pieces of normal dresses, and altering them by hand to form my first costume. Horrible as my stitches were, I kept striving to learn more on costume-making, and kept working on improving my skills by looking up for more challenging costumes/characters to attempt each time. Cosplay has been a part of me ever since (^_^)
What international contests have you participated in/won?
I participated in the World Cosplay Summit in 2006 - representing my home country, Singapore.
What is your best cosplay ever?
Every costume has their ‘best’ bits its really hard to decide which one!
But if I really have to choose, it will be
It's the one and only costume that I spent the longest time perfecting: the details, the jewellery, dyeing the gradients on the fabric, the pattern-cutting and form of the costume, and the shoes were complete to accurate historical & game references.

The worst thing someone can do on stage:
is walking around on the stage, mouthing to a voiceover and acting cool…
…… its definitely not cool, and definitely not interesting. (-_-)

What will you do in/when the world ends in 2012?
Survive the World’s End, protect my loved ones (and my anime/manga in my external hard drive), and continue to strive towards my future goals (and cosplay plans lol….)
Ever felt like a child of the night?
Ohhh Yes!
There is that part of me who continues to love the dark noble elegant deep red side of being an elite Vampire in beautiful black gowns and corsets.
Come to think of it, I have yet to do a vampiric photoshoot with a 19th Century mahogany library complete with black velvet chairs and blood red carpets. Anyone interested to team up? :D 


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