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A long time ago, in a country far, far away... Well OK, it was just a hop across the pond actually.... one of our festival organizers saw something that he thought would be interesting to implement at our own festivals. This amazing little feat was and still is called: The Bring & Buy (B&B for short).

So what is the Bring & Buy?

The Bring & Buy is a part of the festival where you, (only) as a Whole Weekend visitor, can hand us your used anime and manga related items and we will (try) to sell them for you in our Dealer room. All festival visitors can buy these submitted items at the Bring & Buy table but only Whole Weekend visitors can submit items to be sold.

There are specific rules and tips for Bring & Buy. Read this whole page before submitting items!

How does it work?

You need to do some work beforehand and thus save time at the festival for both you and the Mataki Bring & Buy crew. To make this work you need to download our B&B submission form as PDF file. You will need Acrobat Reader, which is a free and safe download that will enable your computer to view and print PDF files. To download Acrobat Reader please visit the Adobe website.

Download and print the PDF file. Please follow the instructions mentioned on the B&B submission form exactly! Contained in the PDF you will also find the necessary labels. You need to complete the form(s) AND labels at home BEFORE the festival starts.

If you have questions regarding Bring & Buy that are not answered on this page or on the Mataki site, please ask them on our Bring & Buy forum.

Meet the crew

Mataki is a Dutch Bring & Buy group aimed at organising the trading of second hand items at anime conventions. They can be found troughout most anime conventions in the Netherlands and their goal is to allow people to happily trade items in the convention scene without having to worry about bootlegs or damaged items.

Bring & Buy submission rules

Due to a few people's behavior in the past we have implemented a couple of rules for the Bring & Buy. These rules have been designed so that the Bring & Buy table will not be taken advantage of.

  • You must be a Whole Weekend visitor to submit items to the Bring & Buy. Single day visitors will not be able to submit items for the Bring & Buy. Of course they can buy items at the Bring & Buy.
  • Your items must be handed over to the Bring & Buy crew in the Dealer room. On the starting day of Anime 2011 (Friday) you can deliver your items between 17:00 and 19:00 at the door to the right of the main Dealer Room entrance (behind the ROC entrance). After that you can submit your items at the Bring & Buy table in the Dealer Room, during opening times only.
  • You must use the downloadable Bring & Buy submission form and follow its instructions EXACTLY.
  • Your goods must obviously be secondhand.
  • Your goods must be anime or manga related.
  • We are not going to re-sell 30 or something model kits for you. If you want to sell that many of these large items you need to hire a dealer table.
  • Absolutely NO bootlegs whatsoever. Please note, bootleg items will be confiscated and destroyed by the staff. You will not be able to reclaim them or hold the organization or the Bring & Buy crew responsible for the destruction of bootleg products. (For people that don't have a clue, bootleg means: an illicitly produced, distributed, or sold product).
  • Do not bring boxes of single US released comics. Sort them by series, package them and let us sell them in bunches. We will not sell single comics unless they are very special.
  • If you want to sell things together, make sure you package them together. Pack your stuff in a way people can see what it is. Do not wrap things in paper or similar materials, but use clear plastic foil.
  • Be careful in setting your price level. Pricing too high might result in selling nothing at all. To provide you with an estimate: we estimate that Blu-ray's might be worth about € 20,- or less, DVD's at around 10,- or less. Pricing of VHS tapes (if you still have any on hand) should not exceed € 2,50. English manga goes for about € 5,- Comics are most often worth about € 1,- or € 2,-. Exceptions obviously apply to Japanese or limited editions of certain goods, but this is entirely up to you. It also depends on the state the merchandise is in. A ratty old manga is obviously worth less than one in pristine condition.
  • We have the right to refuse ANY item offered for the Bring & Buy for ANY reason we see fit. If you are in serious doubt if we will accept your article(s) it is possible to ask us through the B&B subforum.
  • A 10% share of your earnings will go to Stichting Promotie Japanse Popcultuur as an administrative fee. If you do not sell anything, it doesn't cost you anything.
  • Submitted items that were not sold and your share of your item's earnings (if any) can be obtained on the last day (Sunday) of the Anime 2010 festival at the Bring & Buy stand after 14:00 o’clock. Go to the Cloak Room once the Bring & Buy stand is closed.
  • Unsold items that are not picked up before the end of the Anime 2010 festival will become property of Stichting Promotie Japanse Popcultuur.
  • Stichting Promotie Japanse Popcultuur and/or the Bring & Buy staff can not be held liable for any missing, stolen or damaged property you may have handed over for sale at the Bring & Buy table.

Bring & Buy SELLING tips

Here are some suggestions that will help you to increase your chance of selling your items:

  • Read the rules above. Read the instructions on the B&B form(s).
  • Complete the form(s) and labels as readable as you can.
  • Re-check if al labeled item numbers correspond with your B&B form(s) numbers and descriptions.
  • Do not overprice your items, do some research on the Internet on your item's second-hand value.
  • Do not price your new/mint-in-box items as if they were new.
  • Due to handling by all the people that might be interested in your items they can get damaged. If you don't want that to happen, either package it sturdier or do not try to sell it at all.
  • Do NOT use transparent kitchen foil to bundle items together, but get a roll of decent book wrapping foil and use tape to keep it there. It's cheap, does the job and the items are clearly visible. A neat and handy guide on how to wrap your things for selling can be found here.
  • If you have a complete series on hand, we strongly urge you to sell it as a package and not as individual items. We've seen 16 part series becoming unsellable because somebody bought only the first volume and nobody else was interested anymore in an incomplete series!

Bring & Buy BUYING tips

Here are some suggestions that will help you to avoid problems when buying:

  • If you buy Blu-ray discs, DVD's or other types of media, make sure you know if you can play them on your home player and television combo. Some of the DVD's offered will be recorded in the NTSC standard and your system might not be able to play them. If you don't know what we mean by this you can try to post a question on our forum.
  • DVD's and Blu-rays offered might only be playable on a specific region enabled player and your system might not be able to play them at all. This is called region-protection. Most of the time, the packaging will state what region number they are compatible with. If you don't know what we mean by this you can try to post a question on our forum.

Bring & Buy historical background

We have been implementing the Bring & Buy as far back as Famicon II (1996) and would like to continue to do so. Early 2002 we downscaled our staff and almost wouldn't have been able to organize Bring & Buy at that time. In 2003 and 2004, the Enschede-based fanclub, Konnichiwa was willing to help us out. In 2005 the people from Abunai took over from them, followed in 2006 by the people from DMX Anime, and in 2007 by the friendly people of AnimeXP.

In 2008 nobody seemed to be able to run the Bring & Buy for us, but we didn't want this popular event to die! Since 2002 things have changed a bit regarding the amount of volunteers we now can muster. So like in the good old days, the Bring & Buy was managed by our own volunteers again. In 2011 Mataki offered to organize Bring & Buy for us, which we gladly accepted as they already helped out in 2010.


Not Required.


Only Whole Weekend visitors can sell items at the Bring & Buy.


All ticket types.


Beethovenzaal (Ground Floor, in the new annex).


Friday - drop off at the door to the right of the Dealer Room entrance: 17:00-19:00
Friday 19:00-23:00
Saturday 11.00-18:30
Sunday 10:00-15:30

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