Dealer room

Vendors from all over Europe and some even further away will be selling their j-pop, anime, manga and cosplay related merchandise in the dealer room. This has always been an important part of our festival and a huge attraction to our guests. It really is the easiest way to shop for anime and manga products in one single spot anywhere in the Benelux countries! The dealer room will be open on every day the festival is running.

The huge Beethovenzaal will be overflowing with vendors. With over a hundred tables with items to choose from we advise you to come with enough cash in your pockets! Yes, seriously! Most vendors can accept cash only.

The merchandise offered by the vendors will be monitored by J-POP Foundation Staff to make sure no bootleg material is being sold. All merchants are forbidden to bring and sell bootleg material. For people that don't know what we're talking about, bootleg means: an illicitly produced, distributed or sold product.

Because of the large volume of people wanting to access the dealer area and the time they want to spend in there, we expect a queue and it may take some time before you can access the area. There is really no practical way to avoid this, so please don't be too upset about it. Access will be on a first-come, first-served basis; except that handicapped people and crew have priority entrance to the area.


In alphabetical order, these were the dealers that will be present during Anime 2011.


AniPopGam sells Japanese Anime character goods such as plush dolls, wall scrolls, stationary, bags, t-shirts, key chains, jewellery, etc. Straight from Japan or America.


The oldest Dutch magazine dedicated completely to j-pop, anime and manga. Printed in glossy, full-colour. At the festival they sell not only their magazine, but also Dutch manga and DVD’s.


Our main sponsor, the biggest European Online anime and manga store. Order in their online store and pick up your pre-orders at the convention or just browse through the alas very small small part of their giant catalogue that they can take with them to the festival.

Bring & Buy

Whole Weekend Visitors can bring their used Anime and Manga related items and we will try to sell them to all other visitors. This year Mataki will organise the Bring & Buy for us.


Playing almost a home game, this comics dealer from Enschede will bring several cupboards full of manga as well as a lot of rare artbooks and magazines. Comicasa has a deep knowledge of the manga industry, so if you are wondering why that manga you were waiting for isn't there yet, they've got the hottest gossip in town.

Fly Away Fashion

Fly Away Fashion sells Handmade Elegant Gothic Lolita Accessories to make every outfit complete.

Game Legends

This online retailers for videogame related merchandise has more than 2500 products online. If it is legally available in Europe they sell it.

Genki Gear

T-Shirts, hoodies, mugs, but mainly t-shirts.

Gundam Nation

Figures, gashapon, model kits, etc... According to rumours this includes Gundam model kits.


For Japanese doujinshi's you either go to Japan or visit these guys from the states who have done the Comiket shopping for you.

Henk Lee

From our country's capitol, Amsterdam! They will bring anime, manga, toys and figurines. Check out "Henk's Hete Hoekjes", some of his wares are too hot to describe here. Henk is also a long time sponsor of our and other anime festivals in the Netherlands.

Hime Boutique

Hime Boutique sells everything related to cosplay, lolita, j-fashion and some merchandise.


German merchandise and clothing, straight from Berlin.

Japan Freax

Japan Freax is an online Manga and Anime Merchandising Shop with a large and special assortment. If they cannot get it from Europe they will get it from Japan.


A figure store from the UK that sells more than just figures.


The former Mangamazing from Kampen has bundled it's powers with "de Fantast" from Zwolle, transforming themselves into a shop with a wide selection of figures and merchandise.

The New Image

Figures, manga and book straight from Japan. Get your hot bishojou statues while they are still fresh.

Red Dot Commerce

Red Dot Commerce sells cosplay, t-shirts, figures and other anime and game merchandise online.

Voodoo Baby

Straight from the US, Voodoo Baby sells handmade rope dolls and manga and anime merchandise.

West World Comics

WWC has been in this business for 15 years, now for the second time in our dealer room with artbooks, mangas, DVD’s and figures.


Lots & lots of manga (more than 3000). But then this shop from Utrecht deals exclusively in manga with some merchandise from Japan.

Doujin Circles

The dealer room is filled not only with dealers, but also with a lot of aspiring and arrived Dutch Manga artists: the so-called Doujin Circles that sell their own artwork.

In alphabetical order, these circles will be present during Anime 2011.


Celestial started less than two years ago, but as the best managed circle in the Netherlands they have already completed two publications and a large selection of illustrations.

Howling Riot

A long standing international circle with original stories with an attitude.

Keep in mind

Keep in mind is a new circle that produces illustrations, art-books and novels inspired by Manga and Fantasy. They are still looking for new talent.

Open Minded

Do you like the comics in our festival booklet? Be sure to visit Open Minded stand for more.


A small Dutch doujinshi circle which mainly focuses on the genre fantasy through manga, visual novels and much more.

Phantom Night

A small circle with big plans and a focus on fan-based doujins and illustrations. Not everything may be what is seems to be in the False Night World, so you'd better keep a close eye on them!

Suzanne de Kock

An independent artist showing her works for the first time for us.

Tea tales

Tea Tales presents you the Tea Tales Magazine, a four monthly doujishi-magazine stuffed with original stories and artworks. But they also have books and a great diversity of panda-cat merchandise.

Tokyo Doll

Original illustrations and doujinshis from an original Japanese Manga artist.


Tomodachi Works is focused on Original art in a unique shoujo style.

Toxic minds

A new doujinshi circle that focuses on both fan-art and original works. You may know them from their first booklet "CHASED" and the "Happy birthday" Axis Powers Hetalia doujinshi.

Other conventions

Three days of festival in a year is not enough for us, but it is unfortunately all we can manage. So it is a good thing for those who want more that other groups are organizing festivals as well.

Some of these organizations have stands in the dealer room, as we have our stand on their festivals. You can buy their tickets, ask questions about the when and the where, take their expensively printed flyers and give feedback concerning their previous festivals.

In alphabetical order, these conventions will be present during Anime 2011.


The other Dutch three day festival wholly dedicated to Japanese pop culture, 26-28 August in Veldhoven.


The north of the country also has anime and manga fans and BAGGER caters to them with multiple events throughout the year.


The largest single day Anime festival in the Netherlands. The were getting so big that they have to move to Rotterdam: 12 February in Rotterdam.


The Dutch Yaoi & Yuri Convention is the first specialty anime festival in the Netherlands. They are going for their third year.


Not Required.


The usual rules apply. Like always be prepared, as there WILL be a large number of people wanting to enter, resulting in a long queue. So chances are you will have to wait a bit before you can enter the area yourself. Remember this is for your own safety! Like always, please pay attention and follow the instructions given by our security staff and stewards.


All ticket types.


Beethovenzaal (Ground Floor, in the new annex).

Opening hours

Friday: 19:00-23:00
Saturday: 11.00-18:30
Sunday: 10:00-15:30

Ticketbooth Open

21 days left in sales period!

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