During the day there is a lot of stuff to do at Anime 2011. But when you’re not busy following workshops or scouting for that last volume of your favorite manga what do you do? How about having a go at creating your own manga?

Art studio

During this year’s festival, Mangaschool will deploy its art studio at the Event Plaza. During the whole weekend we will be there to support both beginning and professional artist with creating your own manga. Whether you’re a writer, an editor or the person in charge of all the amazing graphics we have a thing or two for you.


If you prefer to take the digital approach of creating manga, we got a range of laptops with drawing tablets setup for you. You can have a go at trying different types and sizes of tablets or compare all the different pieces of software. Our computers run on photoshop, paint tool sai, gimp, paint shop pro, painter, etc. so you can compare all these great programs and find one to your liking.

If you prefer to draw together we even host our own drawing application. You can draw alone, together with friends or if you’re lucky with one of our teachers.


We are aware not everyone likes drawing on a computer. It doesn’t give the same feeling as drawing directly on paper. Well, you can draw the traditional way with a wide range of tools as well: pencils, a pen for inking, a copic marker, a fine-liner or paint, just pick your poison. Maybe you want to have a go at trying copic markers for the first time? Or have you never tried inking with a pen before? Just ask one of our available teachers to give you a hand.

Inspiration Corner

Not feeling too inspired to draw? We got just the cure for that problem. Our inspirational corner offers a variety of posters, art books, drawing books and portfolios from other artists. You can just sit down and go through all the stunning pieces of artwork.

To inspire you even more we will have a rotating theme every hour. Each hour we will pick someone to grab a note from our big riddle box containing hundreds of different themes. This theme will be the center of the inspirational corner for that hour.

Drawing contest

For more info look here

Workshop coloring with copic markers

By Natalie Man and Kimberley Graafland

Coloring your drawings is something everyone has done in their lifetime. But did you know you can create amazing pieces of art in full color using copic markers? This workshop will show you how to achieve this and answer any questions you might have regarding copic markers. During this hour long workshop Natalie and Kimberley will provide you with easy to follow, step by step instruction. They will show you how to prepare your drawing for copic markers, how to use them and how to plan ahead. When you finish this workshop you will not just have a great piece of art, you will also know how to use copic markers for any future drawings.   

Important! Due to the limited amount of available markers this workshop requires a signup. This will be done at a first come first serve basis. We have to enforce this policy to ensure there are enough copic markers for every attendee. Exceptions can be made at a case by case basis for attendee’s bringing their own copic markers.

This workshop will be held on Saturday from 11:00 - 12:00 and Sunday from 10:30 - 11:30 in Event Room 3rd floor

Workshop create a manga story

By Kimberley Graafland and Erwin Beumer

Ever wondered how the great manga artists create their stories? How do they develop their plot or create their characters? Then this workshop is for you. During an hour long adventure Kimberley and Erwin will take you through the basics of creating a well laid out story and answer all questions you might have. They will show you how the process of creating a manga goes into place and where the writer starts. From there they will help you create your own story with your own unique setting, characters and plot. At the end of the workshop you will have a layout for your story ready on paper to be worked out into a manga.

This workshop will be held on Saturday from 15:30 - 16:30 in Event Room 3rd floor

Workshop model drawing

Are you curious about how the Dutch comic artists work? Well we most definitely are and guess what? During the Animecon convention one of them will be present. Adri van Kooten will be acting as one of the fine judges for the “Dutch manga awards”, but wait it gets even better. Adri will be hosting a couple of drawing sessions as well. This is a great opportunity to polish your skills and learn from the best.

And just in case if learning from such an experienced artist like Adri wasn’t enough to motivate you this certainly will. On Saturday the artists from Aural Vampire will be the models for the drawing session and during the friday session Kimberley aka Marieke (the festival's lovely mascot) will be the model.

During a couple of intense drawing sessions Adri will teach you how to get most amazing characters on paper. The workshop will cover a lot of subjects during the hour, ranging from the basics to more advanced topics such as folds and halftones. At the end of the workshop you will have learned how to use guidelines, negative shapes, different pencil techniques and a lot more. In short an amazing workshop you definitely don’t want to miss!

The workshop will be held in small groups so you can expect a lot of constructive feedback. This however means we have to limit the amount of attendees to 10 at a time. So sign ups are required.

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