Event Plaza overview

This year we have the Event Plaza again, although in a new room. And we hope the weather is good because we also would like to welcome you in the adjecent garden.

Ani-Nation Matsuri

During the daytime and evenings you can get a taste of a matsuri, a traditional Japanese festival. Maybe you will gain some good fortune at kau cim, or get a good luck carm. Maybe you'll win a prize at kingyo-sukui with your marvelous goldfish scooping skills and get to call yourself goldfish scooping champion of Anime 2011. Read more


We have a number of workshops which will run continuously for most of the day and evening.

During this year’s festival, Mangaschool will deploy its art studio at the Event Plaza. During the whole weekend we will be there to support both beginning and professional artist with creating your own manga. Whether you’re a writer, an editor or the person in charge of all the amazing graphics we have a thing or two for you. Read more

On saturday and sunday you can be creative with Tegendraads' amigurumi and fimo pendants.


You’re more than welcome to play a game. We have a number of Japanese games like koi-koi (a hanafuda cardgame, as seen in the anime Summerwars wich we showed in 2010) or shogi (Japanese chess).

Studio Iskander presents: The Lolita´s / Cosplay

The `Lolita´ series arose through a quest to personify an idea from Alexander’s fascination for a fashion culture in Japan which is currently spreading around the world.
In this fashion culture the Lolita´s / Cosplay manifest themselves as pretty looking girls in Victorian-like dresses or dwell themself to outlive a fantasy from manga or anime that becomes a reality.

This series and his Conception series are mostly influenced by the Ukiyo-e, especially the Ukiyo-e of the courtesan ; beautiful Japanese Ladies dressed in even more beautiful kimono´s, and Zenga art that is made within the traditions of Zenbuddhism.
With his Lolita´s Alexander portrays young ladies from the present time within a dazzling emptyness of space where they seem to float or hang in mid air.

The lolita´s represent innocence, defying the viewer with the strength of their youth, youth in our times is almost exclusively confronted with an empty sort of ambition within the economic system in which they are supposed to find a place for their future. Their imagination about life and how to express and experience it (may) exist only in their spare time which is already becoming less, virtually their entire education is set to prepare and to have a secure future.

With the Lolita´s Alexander speaks to our vital lifeforce in which there is still room to create a kind of gentle fantasy world where everything is still possible, there, all the attention can still go to the refinement of that which surrounds and fascinates us.
The strength of the Lolita´s is the power of their innocence , the power to choose what is alive in ones heart.
The times are especially difficult for young people,it requires great strength to choose an idealistic path which in their circumstances can be seen as uncertain or misplaced because the choice reveals their own fantasy world rather than a world which has been created for them.

Alexander Smith's exhibition is on saturday and sunday on Event Plaza


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