On the 3rd floor we have MangaKissa Library where you can delve into their huge manga collection while enjoying a cup of green tea. Or you can sit there drawing your own manga. And they will be open for 48 hours on end! MangaKissa has a very interesting program, so check it out.

Manga Quiz

Get ready for a real challenge! Don’t expect us to go easy on you when you have the best library ever available to assist you in finding the answers! Participants have the entire weekend to read through our vast manga collection to find all the answers. The best entry wins a really nice figurine!

Dutch Manga Artists Collaboration

During the weekend, a variety of Dutch manga artist will cooperate in drawing a manga on a giant piece of cardboard, one panel at a time. Come and see how the doujinshi artists of Mangafique weave a story without knowing were it will end!

Garage Kit Demo

A lot of the best figurines in Japan are not pre-painted and not sold by the larger companies. They are made by master sculptors, who create these exquisite figurines as a hobby at home. Sometimes these figurines are sold as DIY-kits, called Garage Kits.

Kanji on your t-shirt

Always wanted to write your name in Kanji? How about putting your Kanji-name onto your own t-shirt? The Kissa has all the tools and expertise available to create your personal masterpiece on fabric!

MangaKissa Birthday party

On saturday, the MangaKissa celebrates her 2nd birthday. This provides us with an opportunity to muse about the past and the future. How did it all start? What have we achieved? And what will the future bring?

Adopters of MangaKissa: you are invited to come and feast on the delicious birthday cake. In the mean time we will present the past, present and most importantly the future of the MangaKissa!

Animation Workshop

A first on any convention: the MangaKissa foundation presents, in cooperation with the J-Pop foundation, the first animation workshop ever! Learn the basics of animating and make your first animated film in one weekend under the direction of the best in the (Dutch) industry.

No drawing skills or other specific skills required. It’s actually a mini-course, split over 3 days. Be quick with registering, enrollments are limited.

Silent Library 2.0: Ninja Dojo

Preparing for the apocalyptic battle against the forces of darkness, these students have to take their final exams. The weapon of their choice: humor! Come to witness the painful, embarrassing, shocking, but most of all hilarious trials. In Manga Kissa’s Ninja Dojo we train to entertain!

Completely over the top, based on Silent Library 1.0, but very much improved with numerous original trials you won’t see anywhere else. Will you be a spectator, a judge or a student and play for the grand prize? The most entertaining team will earn riches beyond belief!

Be quick with registering! Be aware that the Ninja Dojo accepts no more than 4 teams of 5 students each!

16+ Night

When the clock strikes midnight, the Kissa will put the 16+ manga on the shelves. A perfect time to indulge in our fine collection of Ecchi and Hentai manga’s. This year, the minimum age is lowered to 16+. Beware of the explicit sexual content of the erotic manga’s on display.

NOTE: During these hours we will be very strict about any physical, verbal or other harassment between visitors!

Adult Dating Sims

Dating Sims are highly successful in Japan and their popularity is rising in Europe. The number of translated Dating Sims is slowly rising, and we will have several Dating Sims available for play during the night.

Due to the sexually explicit nature of some Dating Sims, you have to be 16+.

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