Ani-Nation Matsuri

During the daytime and evenings you can get a taste of a matsuri, a traditional Japanese festival.

Goldfish scooping

or ‘kingyo sukui’ in Japanse is a traditional game in which a player scoops goldfish with a special scooper partially made of paper. Instead of goldfish we use bouncy balls. With a thrilling competition taking over 3 days, who will emerge as the Goldfish scooping Champion of Anime 2012.


is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. At Anime Nation this year we need your help to brighten up anime2012 and help us make a lot of colorful butterfly’s! Also you can make your own gift box in which we can store al different kinds of stuff, including ‘Hope’. So if you have some spare time come and fold away.

Lucky Charms

Last year Anime2011 festival was dark and sinister, so we prepared lucky charms for our self and each other. Remember, we asked you to hold on to this things? Well This year we need your charms. Bring your charm and see what happens!


We bring a new event to Anime2012! The Japanes Takarakuji!  In this lottery you can win all kinds of different prizes. We have prizes for everyone! And you always win! Prizes very from Japanese gadgets to a signed pokemon card. Try your luck!

Workshop Windchimes

This year we'll let you make your own wind-chime! You can take it home with you once finished!
To attend the workshop, you need to sign up on the Ani-nation website!

Workshop Chinese Beading art

The second workshop is for Chinese beading art, where you will learn the basics of making a 3d teddy bear out of beads.

Workshop Sign up:

Space is limited, so make sure you do so soon enough, at

Ticketbooth Open

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