What is the JPCU?

The JPCU (Japanese Pop Culture Club Utrecht) is an association for students and focuses on the Japanese and Asian (pop) culture. Every week we will organize a fun activity for our members, but our ultimate goal is to help people with similar interests as ourselves to get in touch with each other.

What do we do at Anime 2012?

Everyone is welcome during the day to relax, to do so we have some origami and papercraft at our disposal. There will be plenty of different models and examples present, so there will be something nice for everyone.

Test your sense of smell with a game of Genjiko. Do you think you're capable to compare different fragrances of incense and find out which scents are equal and which are not? It's harder than you think!

Finally you can register for our item race. To participate you are required to bring along a digital camera! The winners will gain a small prize. See the rules below.

Rules of the item race

Keep in mind the rules of the Theaterhotel which means:
  1. Do not run!
  2. Each participant receives a ticket which has a description of an object/person/activity.
  3. Make a picture that matches the description on the ticket.
  4. Approve your photo at the JPCU, then you'll get a new ticket.
  5. The person who is first to have six approved photos and the person who made the most original photo are the winners.
  6. You have until the specified end time to approve your photo.

Ticketbooth Open

Order your tickets now!

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