Flexmarker Workshop

Coloring your drawings is something everyone has done in their lifetime. But did you know you can create amazing pieces of art using flexmarkers? This workshop will show you how to achieve this and answer any questions you might have regarding flexmarkers. During this hour long workshop you will be provided with easy to follow, step by step instruction. The instructors will show you how to prepare your drawing for flexmarkers, how to use them and how to plan ahead. When you finish this workshop you will not just have a great piece of art, you will also know how to use flexmarkers for any future drawings.

Flexmarkers are the latest alcohol based markers from Letraset. These markers feature an all new versatile brush tip and come in a range of hundreds of colours. These markers are specially designed to fit the needs of designers, crafters, illustrators and of course Manga artists worldwide. These markers can be used to create amazing photoshop like effects. It’s a great way to provide some colour to your drawing without having to spend thousands or euros of software. However these markers require a different set of skills to use them properly, but it’s a good thing we have a workshop for that.


Whole Weekend, Saturday and Sunday visitors only.

Important! Due to the limited amount of available markers this workshop requires a signup at the Mangaschool in the Event Plaza. This will be done at a first come first serve basis. We have to enforce this policy to ensure there are enough flex markers for every attendee. Exceptions can be made at a case by case basis for attendee’s bringing their own flexmarkers.


Saturday 10:30 @ Event Room 3rd floor (Bredero)

Sunday 12:30 @ Event Room 3rd floor (Bredero)

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