The Future of Comics is Manga - panel

About 20 years ago the whole of Europe (as the EU was called in those days) was dominated by comics of French creators. The whole of Europe? No, one small country kept on opposing the invasion and kept it's own small comics industry independent.

Twenty years later and the dominators have been invaded. Half all comics sold in France are Japanese manga. The Germans who never read any comics because they were French sell Japanese manga on every train station and Italians and Spanish have been won over as well. And the small country? The French speaking southern half has been conquered, while the northern half is fighting a losing battle against the new invasion. Are their Northern neighbours the last hope for the 21cm x 29cm format comics? 

The future of comics is manga is a panel of people with inside knowledge of either the Dutch or Japanese comics industries. The panels chairmen are fans of both industries and the main topic of the discussion is: what distinguishes the Japanese comics industry from the American, European - of course in particular Dutch - comics industries? Why are manga's such an export success on all three continents, while American and European comics seem inable to cross an ocean barrier? American superhero movies may sell in Europe and the TinTin movie may attract audiences in the States, but sales of their original comics remains limited to small niche markets. What lessons can the Dutch comics industry learn from this, but also: what lies behind the resistance to manga's in Dutch? Why do the Dutch - uniquely in Europe, except for the English who don't count - buy mainly American translations? Is the Dutch comics industry as doomed as the textile industry or is there hope?

The panel will start as a guided discussion, with the chairs asking each of the participants questions specfic to their knowledge areas. Building on that we will hold a more open discussion among the participants. in the last third of the panel the audience can participate in the discussion as well.

The panel members will include:

Helen McCarthy - Expert on Japanese manga and animation
Martin Lodewijk - Dutch comics artist
Norika Aoki - Japanese Manga artist and Game designer
Rik Spanjers - Cultural analyst and writer
Sytse Algera - Dutch comics writer and editor for the comics magazine Eppo


Whole Weekend and Sunday visitors only.


Sunday 12:00 @ Aniway room

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