On the 3rd floor we have MangaKissa Library where you can delve into their huge manga collection while enjoying a cup of green tea. Or you can sit there drawing your own manga. MangaKissa has a very interesting program, so check it out.

Choco fontein

You will need the extra calories to survive the end of the Otaku world as we know it.

Silent Library 3.0: The Survival Race!

Silent Library is back, new and revived! Do you have what it takes to survive this dangerous race? Take on several taunting activities that you and your group will face all across the convention! Just make sure your group is the first one to defeat the evil that awaits at the end! Sign up list: 1/2 hour before starting

MangaKissa Libratory: Design Your Own Apocalypse

Your favorite library has turned into a Libratory! When the clock strikes midnight evil will arise! You can create your own evil abomination here, with some help from the MangaKissa assistents, of course.

MangaKissa Libratory: Get Zombified!

Your favorite library has turned into a Libratory! Here our evil geniuses will retrieve you from the land of the dead, transforming you in a daywalking zombie! You'll be yearning for brains as a snack! Sign up list: 1/2 hour before starting

Cupcake Character Design

Do you like your favorite character so much, that you could just eat them up? At the MangaKissa you can decorate a cupcake with your favorite character using fondant. Sign up list: 1/2 hour before starting

Lezing: Bridging the Gutter. Framing and Cutting in Manga and Anime.

In an informal setting m.a. Rik Spanjers, an independant comic scholar, talks about the differences and similarities between manga and anime on the bases of the apocalyptic anime Neon Genesis Evangelion

Adopt a piece of the Kissa! -

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