Musical Guests: m.o.v.e!

Anime 2012 – special “Musical Guests of Honour” performance


The main musical attraction for Anime 2012 will be the Japanese Electronic/Rock/Metal/Trance/Dance band: m.o.v.e.
m.o.v.e was formed by producer t-kimura and consists of two members: motsu (rap) and yuri (vocals) and a DJ to create the sound.

The avant-garde motsu combines his varied style of sound, which borrows from electronica, dance music, rock and everything else in between, with a world visualized through his intense, high-speed rap technique and
remarkable lyrics and rhymes. yuri, with her dynamic vocal style, breathes life into m.o.v.e’s tracks.

m.o.v.e officially debuted on October 1, 1997 with "ROCK IT DOWN" but became a huge success with the music produced for Intital D, the Anime which resulted in a #7 spot on the Japanese hit lists for "GAMBLE RUMBLE".

Since then, they have continued to blaze an inimitable trail that has resulted in 57 individual works released as of March 2012 (32 singles, 12 original albums, 7 remix albums, 3 best albums, 3 cover albums, and 1 concert album).

By virtue of handling all of the opening tracks for the mega-hit TV anime series “Initial D” since its initial broadcast, m.o.v.e has gone on to benefit from tremendous support from motor sports circles such as SUPER GT, D1 GRAND PRIX, and the internationally-renowned auto shows
AUTO SALON and AUTO MESSE. The GT3000 by Mitsubishi has been entered in these events with m.o.v.e’s logo featured prominently on the front side of the car as an official sponsor.

Since their debut, while keeping their core sound consistently edgy with their patented fusion of electronica and rock, m.o.v.e has managed to keep their music highly diverse over the years.
2004 saw the release of “GHETTO BLASTER,” a ghetto rock number true to that genre’s fusion of hip-hop and rock. Following that release, m.o.v.e was asked to produce tracks from a number of rap-rock outfits active on the major music scene.

Furthermore, on their “Deep Calm” album released the same year, the band let loose an all-out, unexpected flurry of gothic and industrial metal sound, which was met with great praise from heavy metal magazines and other reviewers.
From there on, m.o.v.e would experience no shortage of episodes illustrating the band’s continually shifting and evolving musical style,including headlining a concert that brought together prolific artists known mainly for their contributions to heavy rock, such as OLIVIA and BACK-ON.

One of the many defining qualities of m.o.v.e’s musical contributions is that they are largely centered on subculture. This is a reflection of motsu and t-kimura’s understanding of the significant role that subculture plays, and between the two of them, the knowledge they possess regarding subculture dating back to the 1980s is unmatched.
As motsu and t-kimura also attest, “Our roots lie in nightlife and edgy sounds,” and their collaborations with energetic creators and artists attuned to a shifting era in which genres mater less and less further back that up.

As for collaborations, m.o.v.e has worked with Jacques Le Cont (Les Rythmes Digitals), renowned for his production work with Madonna as well as with the outfit 808State that flourished during the rave boom and “2nd Summer of Love” phases in music, as well as with Pete Hammond, whose engineering work ranges from works by Mad Professor, Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley and other PWL Records-affiliated artists to the rock stylings of The Lords of the New Church. t-kimura has also collaborated with John Taylor of Duran Duran fame, Dave Rogers, who is known for his godfather-like role in Eurobeat circles, and Pete Waterman, the president of PWL in London. In recent years, m.o.v.e has played opposite Ryuichi Kawamura, SUGIZO,and 8-Ball, which is led by the bassist Chris also known for his work with the legendary hard rock band MURASAKI. m.o.v.e has also performed together with Klayton of Celldweller fame, who continues to forge new territory in rock and dubstep as a key figure on the industrial rock scene in the same vein as Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails (NIN). The exact opposite, a trance like sound is also part of m.o.v.e´s impressive range of styles.

Looking at m.o.v.e’s subculture-oriented activities, the band has taken its strong interest in the world of anime songs and their esoteric lyrics that are far removed from pop, and transformed that interest into a special project series called “anim.o.v.e” in which the band covers such songs. Meanwhile, the band has also rendered their appearance into character form and developed accompanying Vocaloid singing synthesizers, with figures of the characters that appear in those Vocaloids selling upwards of 8.000 units. Between this and their many other successful efforts, m.o.v.e is a prime example of a band that refuses to be trapped within the confines of conventional music. They also created the song below to raise awareness and funds for the 2011 Tsunami disaster in Japan.

Since m.o.v.e has been involved with Vocaloid Lily, for which yuri lend her voice and motsu presented various shows on Nico Nico Douga (Japanese Youtube) a panel that explains the phenomenon and software will be given by both yuri and motsu.
This is of course not the only thing, in addition to the concert m.o.v.e will be involved with during Anime 2012, Apocalypse Cow. Check our schedule at the festival for everything m.o.v.e, including signing times for their new album, XII and many other merchandise.

Links to more information on m.o.v.e: (Official Website)

Please note, entrance to the m.o.v.e concert is FREE of charge. Anime 2012 tickets are NOT required.

Anime 2012 guests get preferred entrance. Access time for people without an Anime 2012 ticket will be posted at the event and is pending availability.



m.o.v.e´s latest album, XII, on sale at Anime 2012!

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