International Cosplayers present at Anime 2012

Stichting Promotie Japanse Popcultuur has started an initiative that offers free entrance to their events to international Cosplayers who have competed in previous years or are competing in this year's international events that also has selections at the Anime Festival.
This means that for Anime 2012, you can get a free ticket to the event if you are: Competing in WCS, ECG or EuroCosplay this year of have competed in 2011. Please contact us through the website mail form, choosing the Press option. Of course organisers from events holding preliminaries.
This page will be completed once we receive all bio's from the cosplayers.

This year's International Cosplay guests!

From Germany:

Daniela Barmetler (ECG 2011, Solo entry from Germany)
Lumis Mirage and Calssara Cosplay (WCS Team Germany 2011)

From Bulgaria:

Name: Martin Lovchinov
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 17-10-1988
Bloodtype: I have blood? Who knew?
Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Favourite food: Well I eat every kind of food. But maybe sandwiches(eat fast work is waiting)
Favourite books/authors: Well i like to read but mostly Bulgarian books. Ivan Vazov is my favorite author
Favourite Hobbies: Cosplay and writing scripts for plays and movies. I want to be a director
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite games: Every kind of quest games mostly.
Favourite sports: Handball(I used to play for few years)
Favourite anime: Digimon, Code Geass and many more
Favourite manga: Every Clamp manga
Amount of costumes made: 20

When and how did you start being involved with cosplay?
When i attended my first anime event in 2006 and saw the cosplay,it was amazing. And I start making my own a year later.

What international contests have you been involved with?
I represented Bulgaria at EuroCosplay 2011 and I was a member of the jury at Romics in 2010

The worst thing someone can do onstage?
Panic. It is a bad thing to happen before you go on stage.

What will you do in when the world ends in 2012?
Go drinking with friends

What would you do on the eve of the apocalypse?
Be part of an angry mob to hunt the likes of Justin Bieber,Rebecca Black and others XD

From Belgium :

Gabriela Velicu

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