Voice Actor Lizemijn Libgott

Lizemijn Libgott Joins the Anime 2012 Guests!

Are you curious to know what it takes to be a voice actor?
Did you know that Hello Kitty and Candace from Phineas and Ferb are voiced by the same actress?
Hungry for some studio time?

 Then join voice actress Lizemijn Libgott in her panel about voice acting!
She will tell you about what it's like to do voice acting, how she got into it and what working in this demanding business is all about.

Lizemijn has been a  Dutch voice actress for many years, and is known for her work on various shows, anime and non-anime shows alike.

Lizemijn's partial line-up


- Sister Joy

Hello Kitty

 - Kitty

My Little Pony

- Fluttershy


- Runo Misaki

Shaman King

- Anna Asakura

Phineas & Ferb

- Candace


- Laura

Tokyo Mew Mew

- Kiki Benjamin

And many others.

Lizemijn, together with her life partner André Massee, also runs animation studio Animagie,  responsible for the opening animation of Anime 2011.

Please note: This panel will mostly be held in Dutch!


Video room 2

When :

Saturday 15:00

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