Noriko Aoki

4 koma exampleNoriko Aoki was born in Nerima-ku, Tokyo, a place famous for the many manga-ka (manga artists) who lived there; including Osamu Tezuka, the Toei TV Studio and multiple animation studios were in the neighborhood.
Near her junior high school, they often shot Tokukatsu films - live action super hero movies like the Power Rangers.
In other words she was surrounded by manga, anime and movies since she was a little girl, in the same generation as artists as Clamp and Kouga Yun.

She was professional manga-ka with her own 4 koma (Japanese 4 panel short comics) series and working as an assistant for other artists for more than 4 years. But then switched to working as a pixel-art game designer for the Ninentdo 16 bit and Game boy. See an example of her art below.

Afterwards she became a User Interface designer for Nokia Japan, designing icons, animations and the layouts of Nokia phones for the Asian market.

Late 2002 she quit Nokia and came to the Netherlands because she married a Dutch guy.
After a hiatus of a few years, she started working as an independent artist again.

She still has many contacts in both the manga and game industries in Japan and while it was never easy to earn an income as a manga-ka she thinks it is even harder today.

Noriko @ Anime 2012

Noriko has her own stand on Artists Avenue during all days of the Festival where you can buy her current work and is on the panel The Future of Comics is Manga on Sunday.

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