AMV contest

So, you want to participate in our AMV competition? Great, welcome aboard!
We expect that you are in the know of what an AMV is and how you create one. If you're not, Google is your friend. Making an AMV isn't something you do in five minutes; it takes time, creativity and effort.
If you are aware of that, please note that there are a few rules you must adhere to:

* The deadline for participating in the AMV contest is Saturday May 4, 2013, 23:59:59.
* The deadline for participating in the EMV contest is Friday May 24, 2013, 23:59:59.
If you submit your video past this deadline, you're out of luck.

* The deadline for mended files is Caturday May 11, 2013, 23:59:59.
This deadline is for already submitted, but non-playing video's which need some work. If, for some reason, your AMV doesn't play, we will let you know, and you'll have until this date to send us a fixed version.

* Formats and containers: once again we have the Popcornhour C200 (with the latest firmware) as our player of choice, which plays nearly everything.
The compatibility list can be found here. However, if you're not sure, stick to video codecs like H.264, WMV, DivX/XviD and MPEG; AAC, AC3 or PCM for audio and containers like .avi, .wmv, .mp4, .mpg or .mkv. AVCHD
(.m2t) will do nicely as well. We will flat out refuse AMV's in .mov, .rm, .flv, .swf and .3gp.

* The AMV contest will be held on Saturday in the World Forum Theatre, capable of housing 2200 people.

* Your AMV needs to be an original, as in not shown in public or in other Dutch contests before.
We also frown heavily on copying other people's work, so don't do that.
To prevent repeat performances (ie. AMV's which already have been submitted to other festivals), we have an agreement with those festivals. This means that your AMV and your personal details will be made available to the person responsible for their AMV-competition.
Suffice to say that nothing else will happen to your AMV or your details; we will not make anything public other than playing the video's at our festival, unless you give us explicit permission to do so. We'd also love to play your video at other events if the need arises.

* At least 50% of your video needs to contain animated footage, and we appreciate some music as well.
You can put manga and live-action into the mix if you want, but in the end, it's still an Animated Music Video contest.

* We're a family show, so no excessive graphical violence, blood, gore and pornography.
Cartoon violence is allowed. If you're in doubt whether your AMV will pass, please show us a rough version or let us know which show you're going to use and we'll advise for or against it. If you just send in your gory video, you'll most probably be disqualified.

* You can put spoilers in your AMV.
There's no reason for us to say no to this.

* Your AMV length must not exceed 3 minutes and 10 seconds.
The sequence must be like this: 2 seconds of silent black, 180 seconds of AMV (maximum, doesn't need to be 180), 7 seconds of credits to the music and animation and 1 second silent black. Please don't name yourself in the credit screen; this might be of influence during judging.

* No logo's, (fan)subs, credits, or what have you.
Just don't. If you can't use a blu-ray or dvd source for whatever reason (often has a creditless opening and ending as extra), at least take some time to get rid of unwanted details. If you don't, you'll be disqualified immediately.

* Video resolution can be between standard DVD resolution and 1920x1080p.
If you want to make it smaller, your video will probably be rejected. We probably won't have budget nor equipment to play 4k-files for a while, so please don't bother. There is no limit on file size, but use moderation. There is no need to reserve something like one gigabyte for 3 minutes of HD video. 20Mbit video streams should be sufficient to let you show wat you want to show.

* Aspect ratio can be 4:3 or 16:9.
Our screen is 16:9, our player output and projector will be set to 1920x1080 pixels.
However, don't upscale your DVD source to something it's not if you don't absolutely have to; it might end up becoming ugly. The scaling hardware in our equipment will take care of it instead.

* Mark all files with your Ticket number (ET---------), your initals and the title of the AMV in one uninterrupted file name (IE: ET123456789-KS-Oh-My-God.mpg and ET123456789-KS-Oh-My-God.pdf).
This makes life easier for us and helps to determine which is what and to whom it belongs. Titles like Sequence01.mpg are NOT acceptable! Please put your AMV and the submit form into a ZIP, 7zip or RAR-file with the same name and upload it to your server or use WeTransfer.

* You need to attend the competition in person, holding a valid ticket for the festival.
We need you there to vote for the other contestants and it's more fun to see the people react to your AMV when you're there.

* The number of entries depends on the amount of time available, and thus on how long your AMV will be.
For example: 75 minutes of playing time can contain about 20-22 contestants. An AMV doesn't NEED to be 3 minutes; it may very well be less.

* Collaborations are permitted.
We can't enforce a ban on things like this so we won't try. However, you can only send in one AMV and we will only have one trophy.

*Tips and tricks:
Make sure your encoding machine has computing power to spare; the average video encoder takes every last bit of processing power it can find.
Make sure your project settings fit your source material in terms of frame rate, resolution et al.
Despite following the specs to the letter, it's still possible to screw up because you're adamant on using PCM, while the container demands AC3. Good editing software usually helps you with this, so pay attention!
Interlaced video in AMV's usually makes your video look like crap (jagged lines are a giveaway), so make sure you de-interlace your source material.
Don't add black bars to your video. Video players are able to figure out which aspect ratio the video has and will add black bars when necessary.
Make sure your audio sounds good with a sufficient bit rate. Check this by playing it through a proper stereo set instead of a set of in-ear headphones or the tiny speakers of your laptop. We will have a large, multi-kW audio setup available during the competition which amplifies (ba-dum tshh) every flaw your audio stream has.

Good luck, you will have fierce competition. We're looking forward to seeing your creations.


'Whole Weekend' AND 'Saturday Only' visitors.


World Forum Theater / Archonia Room.


Saturday from 15:00 – 16:30.

Ticketbooth Open

21 days left in sales period!

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