EMV contest

So, you want to participate in our EMV competition? Great, come on in!
An EMV is an Ecchimated Music Video. Kind of like an AMV, but with a healthy dose of tits, ass and anything else that floats your boat. This competition is more lighthearted in tone; do realise that you'll be watching smut with a few hundred other people.
The rules you must adhere to are about the same as for the AMV-competition, with the main difference of it being NOT a family show, so we expect you to let out your inner pervert and get down and dirty.
You are allowed to use any footage that's allowed by Dutch law. The final decision of allowing a video to participate however, is still at our discretion and please don't make us an accomplice.

Don't forget: mark all files with your Ticket number (ET---------), your initals and the title of the EMV in one uninterrupted file name (IE: ET123456789-KS-Oh-My-God.mpg and ET123456789-KS-Oh-My-God.pdf/doc/whatever).
This makes life easier for us and helps to determine which is what and to whom it belongs. Titles like Sequence01.mpg are NOT acceptable!
Please put your EMV and the submit form you filled out into a ZIP, 7zip or RAR-file with the same name and upload it to your server or use WeTransfer.
You also need to attend the competition in person, holding a valid ticket for the festival: it's more fun to see the people react to your EMV when you're there.

The EMV contest will be held on Friday night, Midnight in the theatre. You need to be 18 years or older at the time of creation; your age will be checked beforehand. Visitors will have to show proof of their age at the door.

Good luck, there will be some stiff competition. We're looking forward to seeing your creations and keep our bottle of eyebleach at hand, just in case.


'Whole Weekend' visitors.


World Forum Theater / Archonia Room.


Saturday (Friday night) from 0:00 – 01:00.

Ticketbooth Open

21 days left in sales period!

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