House of Cards


House of Cards

A new addition to the Event plaza. This group of young playing cards enthusiasts will be present all weekend teaching the basics of TCG (Trading card games) as well as hosting tournaments and events.  

The house of cards will have the following
games available:

Pokémon TCG

Pokémon is a series most of us grew up with.
But next to the ever popular Anime, Manga and of course video games series, the
Pokémon franchise also features a very fun and exciting trading card game. Pokémon
TCG is a card game with its own set of rules and regulations.  

Next to teaching the basics of the Pokémon TCG, House of cards will also host the following tournaments:

Pokémon open league tournament

When: TBA
Where: Event Plaza
Cost: None
Rules: TBA

So do you think you have got what it takes to
be the ultimate Pokémon TCG master?

Take up the challenge against the House of cards gym leaders to get the chance to prove yourself in front of the Elite

Winners will compete against each other to earn
the right to call themselves Pokémon TCG champion of Anime 2013!


Pokémon Sealed booster tournament

When: TBA
Where: Event plaza.
Costs: 5 booster packs (+/- 15 euros)
Rules: TBA

The Pokémon TCG sealed booster tournament is a challenge on a whole new level.
Participants will find a challenge in not being able to build their own deck.
Without the ability to choose your own cards, participants will have to rely on the ability to work with the cards they’ve been dealt and a lstroke of luck to get the right cards.



A well know Anime and trading card game based on the manga Duel monsters by Kazuki Takahashi.
In the players are pitted in a fierce battle against each other using monsters. The winner is decided by making your opponent lose all their life points.

Next to teaching the basics of Yu-gi-oh TCG,
House of cards will also organise the following tournaments.

Yu-gi-oh knock out challenge

When: TBA
Where: Event plaza
Costs: None
Rules: TBA

Opponents go head on against each other, the winner goes on to the next round, losers get knocked out of the competition.


Yu-gi-oh Swiss style tournament

When: TBA
Where: Event plaza
Costs: None
Rules: TBA

Opponents get matched up at random. First two win 2 out of 3 hands goes on to the next round.


Magic the gathering

This famous card game better known as Magic is, the latest game sensation by wizard of the coast.
Magic the gathering is inspired
by the old dungeons and dragons game. Magic gives you an authentic D&D experience without the storytelling.

Magic the gathering sealed
booster tournament

When: TBA
Where: Event plaza
Costs: 5 booster packs (+/- 15 euros)
Rules: TBA

Just like the Pokémon sealed booster tournaments.
Players have to beat their opponents using only the contents 5 brand new booster packs.
It takes more than just skills to win this tournament. 

Magic the gathering sealed draft

When: TBA
Where: Event plaza
Costs: the cost of 3 boosters (+/- 10 euros)
Rules: TBA

This take on the sealed booster game takes the
challenge up to 11. Participants all open one booster at the time, pick out one
card then passes the rest to the person sitting on their left hand side.
Not only are you depending on luck, the hand of fate is also in the choices of the other players of the tournament. 


Friday: TBA
Saturday: TBA
Sunday: TBA

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