What is the JPCU?

The JPCU (Japanese Pop Culture Club Utrecht) is an association for students and focuses on the Japanese and Asian (pop) culture. Every week we will organize a fun activity for our members, but our ultimate goal is to help people with similar interests as ourselves to get in touch with each other.

What will we do? 

JPCU wil be present the whole weekend at the Event plaza. JPCU will be hosting an array of different games, activities and tournaments during the whole weekend.
JPCU will be hosting the following activities:

Item race:

The Item race is a twist on a treasure hunt. Participants draw lots with a clue to an "item" they have to photograph. The first participant to get 6 "items" right win a prize. There will also be a prize for the most artistic photograph!
*Do remeber that the house rules apply to all our visitors so even when participating in an event, follow the rules in the convention booklet.   
Saturday and sunday 15:00-15:45

Japanese mix mosaic:

Japanese mix that crunchy and yummy treat that is just a perfect with a nice cold beer. JPCU will be teaching visitors how to make edible mosaic art using japaneese mix using a special edible glue. Sot only wil you learn how make something artisticly beautiful it wil also be completely edible.
Whole weekend.


Koi-koi is a traditional Japanese card game with a very interesting set of rules. The rules, though somewhat complex, are easely learned. So come by and learn the art of koi-koi. You'll love this adicting game.
Whole weekend

Tai-Pai (Tichu)

Tai-pai or Tichu ia a card game that includes elements of Bridge, Daihinkin and Poker into one fast paced and exciting game. Tai-pai is a 4 player game consisting of 2 teams that compete against each other. You can learn to play Tai-pai dureing the entire weekend.
So learn the Game find a partner and drag lady luck with you to the tournament and who knows, you might just take a small prize home!
Whole weekend,
Tournament saturday and sunday 12:00-13:30. 

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