Event Plaza overview

This year the Event Plaza is smack in the center of the convention, between the Game room and the Dealer room. It is also the location of the Information desk where you can ask for information and sign up for workshops, events and competitions.

Ani-Nation Matsuri

During the daytime and evenings you can get a taste of a matsuri, a traditional Japanese festival. Maybe you'll win a prize at kingyo-sukui with your marvelous goldfish scooping skills and get to call yourself goldfish scooping champion of Anime 2013.


We have a number of workshops which will run continuously for most of the day and evening.

During this year’s festival, various doujinshi cirkels and guest artists will deploy its art studio at the Event Plaza. During the whole weekend we will be there to support both beginning and professional artist with creating your own manga. Whether you’re a writer, an editor or the person in charge of all the amazing graphics we have a thing or two for you.


You are more than welcome to play a game. We have a number of Japanese games like koi-koi (a hanafuda cardgame, as seen in the anime Summer Wars wich we showed in 2010).

This year, we also welcome a new enthousiastic group to our Plaza: The House of Cards. These great people will teach you a trick or two with different kind of cardgames. If you are allready proficient, a challenge is there for you, as you can compete in one of their many events.

Artist corner

This year the Event plaza will also be hosting an Artist corner, where different artisst (and doushinji artist) will be teaching you the basics of their techniques.

At the Artist corner you can find the following artist's:

  • Starsprinkels
  • Jyunmei

Can't find a group or activity in the Event plaza? Ask the gopher at the information desk in the event plaza!

You can also sign up for events at the Information desk at the Event Plaza.


All visitors


The Atlantic Foyer in the basement


Friday: 14:00-22:00
Saturday: 10.00-22:00
Sunday: 10:00-17:30

Sign up

You can sign up here for all workshops and events that require signup at the Information desk in the Event plaza itself.

Ticketbooth Open

21 days left in sales period!

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