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Presents: The Xbox Kinect Experience

Who are we?
We are a specialist in Active Gaming for events and other projects all over Europe.
7 years ago we started as a pioneer in the Netherlands with the Dance Experience, 32 people who all can play in the multiplayer game Dance Dance Revolution.
In 2012 we expended with the Xbox Kinect Experience to play with 16 people together with all kind of sports and adventure games.
We are a leading company in the Netherlands in event rental with active gaming, right now we can provide 48 people to play at once with our mobile entertainment.
We can handle events from 25 till 2500 people a day to entertain you!

How does it work?
Play for free on one of the 8 Xbox Kinect Systems with 46 inch Led Screens.
When you enter the Experience you can play a free game for a couple of minutes and get free coupon for the nearest McDonalds restaurant to eat with a real good discount!
We can handle 16 players at once in our Experience so when you come with afriend we can give you a Experience that you won’t forget!

If you have any questions, ask our team to give you info about our Active Gaming Experience on location all over Europe.

We hope to see you there and wish you a lot of fun on Animecon 2013!


The usual rules apply.


Weekend and day visitors.


Theater Foyer
 (Ground floor just past the central staircase)

Opening hours

Saturday: 10:00-21:00

Ticketbooth Open

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