ALTIMA Musical Guest of Honor

Who or what is ALTIMA

ALTIMA is a three man unit comprised of motsu from m.o.v.e, sat from fripSide and Maon.

They left a fantastic impression during their début at "Animelo Summer Live 2011 rainbow", which was held in the Saitama Super Arena in 2011, as unannounced secret guests of the concert.
Subsequently they announced two singles, "I'll believe" and "ONE", which where used as ending themes for the anime "Shakugan no Shana Final".  And in July 2012 they released their third single, "BURST THE GRAVITY", which featured as the opening song for the anime "Accel World".
In august 2012 they made their second appearance at "Animelo Summer Live (2012 -INFINITY∞-)".


The formation of ALTIMA

The early seeds for ALTIMA where planted back in  late September 2010.
 It all began when motsu, previous member of the band m.o.v.e, pro-actively sought contact, outside of his record label’s boundary, with a colleague musician sat. Motsu felt strong musical sympathy for the keyboard/sound producer of fripSide and it is through him he managed to contact the vocalist Maon, who just released her début album "H.O.T.D" and motsu saw hidden potential in her.
He invited her to this cross generation gathering of musicians. And eventually motsu became the leader of this new group: ALTIMA.

Maon Kurosaki, as a symbol of the next generation of anime songs artists she is widening her scope through her broad range of activity.   
Sat, a member of the group fripSide and a overwhelming charismatic composer with an unique sound producing sense.
Motsu, a former member of m.o.v.e and with his superior rap skills and performance sense he continues to receive attention not only in J-Pop / J-Hip hop scene but also across different genre and areas such as in anime, racing, over seas, video sharing sites, etc. 

It might not have been mere chance, it might have been predestined, that these active artists from different fields came together in a single unit.
But it wasn't until the summer of 2011 that they really started their music activity together. It was through sat that they received a request to  produce a theme song for the third ending of the anime "Shakugan no Shana".
Sat envisioned a whole new Digital Pop Sound for the theme song, one which they where to create with motsu, Maon Kurosaki and sat. When sat made a original demo for the project and revealed it to the others the situation changed completely.
The musical direction was crystallized in that instance and the trio used this momentum to jump in to the recording studio. This demo later became the song "I’ll believe".
Motsu proposed the name "ALTIMA", which he has cherished for a long time, and so the new music project from MOTSU, SAT and MAON was officially born.

Ahead of the release of the anime, they preformed as the secret guest during the "Animelo Summer Live 2011 rainbow" which was held at the Saitama Super Arena and delivered an exhilarating début performance in front of a crowed of 26,000.
The strong, beautiful and elegant triangle which symbolizes the J-Pop and Anime song scene of this decade = ALTIMA. The real talent which will bring change and revolution to the scene is about to kick off!


Member profile


At age of 22 he went to the United States and taught him self to rap and dance. In 1990 he début as the leader of a dance music unit "MORE DEEP", at Sony Records.

in 1997 he joined m.o.v.e.

There after he used his native English skills as a song writer and provided composition and lyrics to V6, Koda Kumi and AAA, also collaborated with Every Little Thing and Ayumi Hamasai making remix albums, worked as a apparel designer, and continued to pursue a broad range of activities while active on m.o.v.e.

Motsu is a man who stood at the cradle of Japanese rap and cultivated his unique rap and performance skill and is receiving much praise and attention from not only the J-Pop / J-Hip Hop scene but also from across different genres and areas like anime scene, racing scene, over seas, video sharing sites, etc, and this praise is continuing to grow.

A group which formed under the concept, "to constantly change and evolve and not to be seized by nationality or musical framework", of the producer t-kimura. A broad range of music styles from electronic sounds, dance music to rock complemented by "motsu", the avant-garde rapper with fast and overwhelming rap skills and outstanding lyrics and rhyming,  and "yuri", the vocalist who breathes life in to the songs with her dynamic style. They released their first single, "ROCK IT DOWN", in October 1st 1997, and ever since they carved their own path and released a fast catalogue. Up till a total of 60 discs in 2013. (31 singles, 12 original albums, 7 remix albums, 5 best of albums, 3 cover albums, 1 live album, 1 live DVD) 
From the first airing up to the present they produced all the opening songs of the hit anime "Initial D", from there they developed in many directions and fields, nationally and internationally. Their popularity spread world wide but in March 16th 2013, they held their last live performance, "m.o.v.e The Last Show Champagne Fight~", at Akasaka BLITZ and announced the end of m.o.v.e.    


A sound creator who, since the formation of fripSide in 2002, held "To restore the lost digital pop music" as his motto and kept searching for innovative synthesizer sounds and catchy melodies. 
In 2009 he invited the voice actress and vocalist Yoshino Nanjo as a member and restarted fripSide.  While adhering to his original musicality he absorbed a variety of music, with an emphasis on European beat music like eurobeat and trance. Ravenously pursuing a new phase in solid polished digital pop sound.
His dance pop numbers are now quickly becoming a standard in the scene. Music that invokes a digital world resonating from a undulating groove and a glorious synthesizer sound. Songs with a clear and dashing strong vocal.  They are designed to make you dance.


A unit composed of sat, as the composer & producer and Yoshino Nanjo as vocalist. Although active from 2002 they made their major breakthrough in 2008 with the previous vocalist nao. In 2009 Yoshino Nanjo became the new vocalist and they restarted the band.
They received much praise with the single "only my railgun", which was used as the opening theme of the anime "A Certain Scientific Railgun".
They Kept providing songs for anime and games and in 2010 they asserted their existence with their album "infinite synthesis". The4th single released in August, 2011, "Heaven is a Place on Earth" was used as the theme song for the anime movie " Hayate the Combat Butler! Heaven Is a Place on Earth".
With a refreshing new sound it managed to increase the fan base. In commemoration of the tenth year anniversary, December 2012, saw the release of the album "Decade". It has also been announced that they wile provide the opening theme for the next instalment of the "A Certain Scientific Railgun" series, the TV anime "A Certain Scientific Railgun S" which will start around April 2013.

MAON/Maon Kurosaki

Greatly influenced by anime songs she began her musical career back in 2000.
In 2010 Maon Kurosaki realized her dream of becoming an anime song singer and was responsible for the ending songs of the tv anime "Highschool of the Dead", she is now one of the artists who represent the next generation artists of the anime song scene.

From dark themes in the "H.O.T.D" album, to danceable pop numbers like "Magic∞world" from the first ending song of the tv anime "A Certain Magical Index II" or an emotional rock sound like the second ending "Memories Last", she continues to display an unlimited potential as an artist.
In 2011 the ending theme for the OVA series "Hakuōki", in 2012 the openings for "Hakuōki Reimeiroku" and "Jormungand Perfect Order", the musical world of Maon Kurosaki is continuing to expand.
April 2013 will see the release of the 2nd full album "VERTICAL HORIZON" and she will commence her solo tour.

Talking about the current anime song scene without mentioning Maon Kurosaki has become quite impossible.








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