Deshima Sounds - Anime 2013 Edition: Dancing in the Galaxy

By now, most people of the dutch convention scene might have heard a story or two about the epic disco nights at the two biggest cons given by “Deshima Sounds”. If you still haven’t heard of them, then you’re in for a big ride. The Deshima Sounds artists “MK*” and “Neodash Zerox” andVJ/Laser genius “dnstje” will return to Anime2013 for another epic story.

Neodash Zerox & MK* in action.

MK* and Neodash Zerox started in 2005 as a regular anime disco, but since 2008 they continued under Deshima Sounds. The name is easy to explain. Dejima (出島) used to be the small island in Japan where only the Dutch were allowed to trade with the Japanese. This made it theonly place where the Netherlands and Japan met. Exactly what we try to do, now in reverse. Where Deshima was a little Dutch island in Japan, we’re trying to have a Japanese club night in the Netherlands. The Sounds… well, music is made up of sounds, so that explains that. As said, Deshima Sounds is doing their best to promote Japanese club music in the Netherlands. Doing Eurobeat, House, Techno, Dubstep or Hardcore, it doesn't matter, but we try to follow the latest Japanese trends. 

You have asked it several times, and now we answer you call. Deshima Sounds will pump up the basslines and kicks on Saturday evening with the quality you’re used too with them. Also during this night, the DS-Team will be reinforced by dutch Chiptune artists “Men of Mega” for your Chiptune desires. This is one night you don’t want to miss! "Deshima Sounds - Anime2013 Edition: Dancing in the Galaxy"

Also check out their official websites:
- Deshima Sounds official website
- Deshima Sounds official facebook
- Men of Mega official facebook

Deshima Sounds Crew

Men of Mega


Amazon / Aniway Room


After the ALTIMA concert - 02:00


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'Whole Weekend' and 'Saturday Only' visitors.

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