Evil Jan-Ken-Pon, by Kinjin

Jan-Ken-Pon is the Japanese name for Rock-Paper-Scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock and rock beats scissors. It is a game where reflexes, speed, luck and judgement skills are put to the test!
When playing Evil Jan-Ken-Pon two heroic contestants battle each other equipped with a paper fan and a protective helmet. Whoever beats the other with Jan-Ken- Pon gets a chance to hit the other with the paper fan, but at the same time the loser may put on  the helmet to defend him/herself. You really lose when you don’t protect yourself fast enough.
As you advance towards the final, the game itself gets more awesome, more complicated and more evil!

Come by if you’re up for a real challenge, but beware of the Evil Jan-Ken-Pon veterans that survived the game  during previous conventions!

What is Kinjin?
Kinjin is a cultural society located in Eindhoven that introduces students to Japan and its rich culture. 
We provide various kinds of information about Japanese culture and organise different cultural activities, both traditional and popular. These activities include  watching anime, playing video games, tea ceremonies, Japanese mahjong and karaoke.
Our base of operations is located in the heart of Eindhoven city. 
Kinjin members come together on a regular basis to enjoy the Japanese cultural activities or just to gather in a relaxing environment.
Interested, fascinated or just curious? Feel free to visit the website www.kinjin.nl or find us on 

Location + Time

12:30 - 14:00 Europe


Weekend and Sunday visitors

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