Shinto: Energy in Silence

Japan is a country with an amazing contrasts. On the one hand it's society seems very modern and western, but on the other hand that same society appears to be based on age-old traditions. Nearly all these traditions can be traced back to Shinto, a lifestyle that is based on harmony with nature. Shinto is older than Buddhism and is not a religion. It is present in Japanese every day life without being overly explicit. It is reflected in rituals that mark important moments in a lifetime.

In this lecture drs Paul de Leeuw, who was the first non-Japanese in 1981 who has been granted the jurisdiction to carry out the official Shinto ceremonies, will take you on a virtual journey into the cycle of nature. Nature is capricious, benevolent and cruel, but you can discover a centre of stillness, which gives new energy. The ancient wisdom of Japan can be a source of inspiration for the busy Western society.

Shinto master Paul de Leeuw is experienced in giving an interactive lecture about Japan’s culture, society and arts from the shinto point of view. Shinto was introduced to Europe more than 25 years ago by Paul de Leeuw. In 1981 he finished his study at the Yamakage Shinto School in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka-ken Japan and he became the first non-Japanese person to receive the license to perform traditional ceremonies and to become instructor of shinto-exercises and has has founded the Japanese Dutch Shinzen Foundation.




Sunday: 14:00 - 15:30"

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