Sushi Workshop by Taji

Eating is believing! Sushi workshop with Japanese sushi chef “Taji”.

Food is love, so says Japanese food designer Taji (Masayuki Tajima). His
Japanese roots mixed with a Californian and European twist makes a superb
blend. Educated in design through UC Berkeley, California and TU Delft, the
Netherlands, food runs through his veins. His passion is to seek the creative
links between design and food. This link generalized as Food Design, that
refers to design for food, food culture, and things surrounds food culture.

If you like high quality sushi, Taji will show you how to make maki and
nigiri. You will experience a simple, yet original and refined sushi which will
definitely tickle the taste buds! After making them, all sushi will be shared
with among all participants.

Some of Taji’s signature items will be shown and if you tried them, you
will be pulled in the dream of anime world!
Let’s have a nice time with super sushi workshop!

Price is 10 euro for a workshop and a box of own made with love, sushi.

Check out his website here.
And for his facebook, click here.


Location + Time

Friday - Antartica: 19:00-20:30 & 21:00-22:30
Saturday - Antartica: 12:30-14:00 & 14:30-16:00
Sunday - Africa: 14:30-16:00


Participants must wash their hands and must watch their hygiene.


25 participants per workshop, signup in advance at the Information desk is advised.
Price for admission is € 10,-.

Ticketbooth Open

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