Pencak Silat by Lu Gia Jen

Pencak Silat is a martial art from Southeast Asia. The name Pencak Silat is used in Indonesia. In Malaysia, one speaks of Bersilat and in the Philippines of Kali Silat.
Pencak (pronounced pentjak) literally means: (specialized) movement(s).
Silat (from kilat) means in this context: fast as lightning.
“Bersilat” means "to be busy with silat ', or in other words “practicing Pencak Silat”.

As in Karate, Taekwondo, Thai- or Kickboxing and Kung Fu, Pencak Silat uses punches, kicks and parries. Punches, kicks and parries, however, frequently are combined with throws, sweeping techniques and clamp-/or breaking techniques. Like the ones encountered in Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Aikido. That makes Pencak Silat into a versatile martial art.

Pukulan Betawi
Within Lu Gia Jen the Pukulan Betawi style is practiced. This style originates from the manner of fighting in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. The former name of Jakarta during the Dutch colonisation period was Batavia, or Betawi as pronounced by the Indonesians. Pukulan means punching. So Pukulan Betawi literally means: punching in the manner of Betawi. The training includes all round self-defense (bela diri) and competition sparring  (tanding).

Bela diri (self-defense)
Pukulan Betawi is a no-nonsense self-defence system specialized in close combat fight. Bela diri is the Indonesian word for self-defense in which simplicity and effectiveness come first. The system has a wide variety of single
and double beating techniques, where possible, combined with (low) kicks and throws. These techniques are designed to rapidly and effectively disable an attacker. Practicing Bela Diri also has a positive effect on coordination, balance, speed and concentration.

Tanding (sparring)
In tanding almost the same techniques are used as in bela diri. The most important difference is found in the formal Pencak Silat competition rules. Tanding means an intense and explosive way of training, which in addition to self-defense emphasises on fitness, stamina and muscle toning Especially elements as responsiveness, timing, speed and stress resistance can thus be considerably increased.


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