The Game of Thrones Fan-art Competition

Dark Dragon Books and the J-POP Foundation announce a competition for graphics artists: the Game of Thrones Fan-art Competition. Send in your fan-illustration from Game of Thrones and get published and honored in the official Anime 2014 Game of Thrones Fan-art Special, published by Dark Dragon Books - the official Dutch publisher of Game of Thrones comics. The three top artists will also win free entry to Anime 2015 for two people, with a free doujinshi/small press table in our dealer room and one of our Golden Marieke statues thrown in as the top-price. This is the ultimate chance to show the world what you can do and get your fan art officially recognized and published in full color.

All submissions will be showed on this page. Then Dark Dragon Books and the J-POP Foundation will decide the illustrations to be published in the Anime 2014 Game of Thrones Fan-art Special. Published artists will also be displayed at the festival and receive 2 copies of the book. Of course each illustration will be published with full artists credentials booth on site, at the festival and in the book and the artist can choose to add a link to their personal site/page to these credentials. The winners of the Anime 2015 tickets will be announced at the start of the Dutch Manga Awards ceremony.

The fan-art special will be on sale at the Dark Dragon Books stand in the Dealer room.

To participate in the competition send your drawing or a download link for the art to with your name before the 15th of May.

About choosing Game of Thrones

Though many of our visitors and staff are fans of Game of Thrones it is not a Japanese series and therefore some may object to our choice of subject. But Game of Thrones not only has a subject matter that fit's in well with our festival, it is also a series that is graphically rich while is primarily known for art in book and life-action form. When comparing illustrations to a manga or anime series it is very hard for a jury not to compare to the original drawings, while we explicitly do not want a re-drawing competition.

Of course there is also the simple legal issue of having the right at hand to publish the fan-art.

Also we do feel that fan-art is a Japanese phenomenon in and of itself. Of course fan-art has never been limited to Japan, but it has has blossomed in Japan like nowhere else.

Special thank

Special thanks go to Marlon Theunissen for allowing us to use her art to promote this competition.

Competition Rules

To participate in the competition send your drawing or a download link for the art to with your (artists) name and (preferably) a mobile phone number before the 19th of May. Initial submissions may be web ready illustrations (hint: the available space on this page is 494 pixels wide) but works selected for the book must be submitted at at least 300 DPI.

The method of fan-art production is up to you: hand drawn or computer drawn, charcoal or 3D generated, it does not matter. What matters is what you can do as an illustrator.

Dark Dragon Books and the J-POP Foundation have the right to use the winning works for promotional purposes, but all other rights will remain with the artists.

The outcomes of the competition will be decided by Dark Dragon Books and the J-POP Foundation and their decision is final. No rights will be obtained by participating in the competition.


If you want to submit work to participate please contact us through our contact form and select 'Dutch Manga Awards' as the subject or you can send a mail to dma (at) Please remember that only works available in print in 2013 will be accepted. The deadline for submissions is Monday the 19th of May


The winners will be announced at the Dutch Manga Awards Ceremony.


The usual rules apply.




Saturday 13:30 - 14:00.

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