Photography Contest

Cosplayers would be unknown if it weren’t for the amazing people behind the lenses. These ‘invisible’ people that are able to help cosplayers show the world what they made with hard work, dedication and concentration. The people who truly capture the moment and use their skills to make the best possible picture, all to make the characters come to life. These people are the photographers.

Behind every stunning picture, is a magnificent photographer. Someone with a gift for capturing the magic that surrounds cosplay. Someone who puts time and effort in photos that show the best of cosplayers and their costume. Someone who deserves to be known for their work.

The photography contest turns the spotlight on these fantastic people and gives them the opportunity to show the world what they can do! This contest is not only for Dutch photographers, but for photographers of all nationalities! The contest will feature TWO photos of each contestant: one photo that has to adhere to the theme, SUMMER GAMES, and one photo that gives the photographer freedom of creativeness.
With our international public, this is a great way for photographers to make their work known in the cosplay world, whether they are professionals or hobbyists, experienced or starters, everyone is welcome to sign up for the contest!

So if you ARE a photographer (or you know one) and you want to show the world what you can do, sign up for the photography contest, send in your pictures before the deadline of May 23rd and be featured in the halls of Animecon 2014! To join this contest, please write an email to Of course your work will also be shown at the con grounds, for other to enjoy your art.

A small change of the rules:
You are now also allowed to enter in only ONE category, instead of both!
However, the one-entry-per-category rule still applies!

Want to join and put your pictures up for nomination?
Mail to:


Send us a mail:

To be esthablished

To participate in this event, you must sign up before 23-05-2014 by sanding an email to

More information regarding the formats for the photos and other specifics will be provided through e-mail.

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