In the ever expanding world of cosplay, there are many great competitions all over the world.
Some awesome ones, like the European Cosplay Gathering, Eurocosplay or The World Cosplay Summit give people from different countries the chance to meet and compete against each other.
And while the scene grows, cosplayers get to meet more and more people from different nationalities and form friendships all over the world.
This made people wonder: How can I perform on stage with those people, that are close to my heart, yet live so far away?

The cumulative weight of these thoughts began to push on us and forced BorderCos in to reality.
The stage has been set, are you ready to compete?.


BorderCos is a totally new cosplay event that does not allow you to compete on stage against another county, but makes you compete with them.
That is the requirement of BorderCos: You and your friends must represent at least 2 countries.
Imagine the combinations possible: Germans together with Dutch, English with French, or maybe Italians with Koreans and Brazilians?
Anything is possible, almost. 

Will your team be the first one to win his competition?

P.S.: Cosplaying as another country (Hetalia) is not what we mean with representing a country.


Is closed

Not required for watching.


Aside from the usual rules, the following applies. Visitors of this specific event are allowed to take pictures of the event.
All entrants need to agree to this if they want to compete in this event.
A special entry for this purpose has been added to the Cosplay Competition registration form. However, it is NOT allowed, to use FLASH photography!
Remember other people's personal (as well as third parties) rights will always apply, but what you do with YOUR pictures/recordings is YOUR OWN responsibility!


Aside from the usual rules, the following applies.

  • For cosplay props/weapons guidelines read the house rules/huisregels. Dutch weapons law will always apply!
  • Your team must wear self-made costumes.
  • Your team may use small props that were store bought.
  • You have to provide us with a small storyboard about your act when you send in your entry form. E.g. your act in five-ten lines of text.
  • Once entered you will get a script form to fill in the details of your act. This will have to be handed in on the 17th of May at the latest.
  • You will have to provide Work in Progress and reference pictures.
  • You must attend the Anime festival on Saturday.
  • Your cosplay costume must be from a comic, cartoon, game or movie (preferably from Japan).
  • Your character may not be a fictional oner you or your friends created.
  • At least two different nationalities per team (double passports are counted as the country you are born in).
  • Any group must have at least 2 persons and 7 at most.

What can you win?

Your team captain can win the coveted Golden Marieke Award and your entire team will be offered the chibi Clara plushie as prize, together with something insignificant!
And eternal glory. Because BorderCos is about the FUN not about the huge prizes


If you have questions regarding BorderCos, kindly direct them to us, using the appropriate forum (Before you submit a question, please browse the forum to see if your question has already been answered) or send us an e-mail using our contact form (choose 'Cosplay Event' from the subject dropdown menu).


'Whole Weekend' AND 'Saturday Only' visitors.


World Forum Theater / Archonia Room.


17:30 - 19:00 on Saturday.

For legal and safety reasons we are not allowed to exceed the Archonia room's maximum capacity. For the people that will miss out we will try to show a recording.

Ticketbooth Open

Order your tickets now!

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