Cosplay Photography

Where there’s people cosplaying, there is usually someone taking photos of cosplayers! Interested in being, or maybe you already are, on either side of the lens? Then these workshops are for you.

In these workshops you can not only learn about new techniques that allow you to improve your photography but also about how to help cosplayers look as flattering as possible. Whether you only have a compact digital camera or a full-blown DSLR, there will surely be something that you didn’t know before.

The workshop is beneficial to both cosplayers and photographers as we will also try to explain what goes through a photographers mind when shooting.

There are two workshops:

Friday will go over the basic techniques and interaction.
Some of the subjects that will be covered:
How to properly use and configure your camera.
Interaction between cosplayer and photographer, making him/her at ease.
Tips for cosplays on modeling and facial expressions.
What to do with photos after a shoot.

The Sunday workshop focuses more on advanced techniques and lighting.
We’ll also talk about extensively how to best post process the photos after you’ve taken them, with live demonstration.

At both workshops asking questions is heavily encouraged: the more, the better!


The usual rules apply.


Friday, sunday and weekend visitors

Location & Time

Basic: Asia 17:30 - 18:30
Advanced: Africa 10:30 - 11:30

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