Thermo Plastic

We are sure that if you already got
AkumaTenshiinterested by the name of the workshop, you already know of the thermoplastic material called ‘Worbla’! What you then probably know as well is that this material…is sadly not one of the cheapest materials out there, which makes it hard for people to ‘try it out’ and create something from scratch! 
Mikers Cosplay MMMC

During this ‘interactive’ workshop will give you the first steps, tips and ideas you can work with. After a small theoretical introduction, we’re continuing to the practical and interactive part.
Under the guidance of:
AkumaTenshi Cosplay,
Mikers Cosplay MMMC (EuroCosplay 2011, C.I.C.A.F. 2014),
MMMC Ike’s Cosplay (C.I.C.A.F. 2014) and
MMMC Mirai (ECG 2012, Yamato Cup 2014)
you can test and work a bit with the materials. They will help you out, answer questions and guide you onto making your acquaintance with thermoplastic materials!

 Mikers Cosplay MMMC



Restrictions MMMC Mirai

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