The JPCU is a organization from Utrecht that holds weekly activities centered around Japanese and Asian pop-culture.
JPCU is mostly for students, but this is not a requirement to become a member. The activities they hold vary from watching Anime, playing games ,learning Japanese and watching documentaries on Japan and its culture.
During Anime 2014: Summer games you can join us at our stand to play a hand of Koi-Koi or Tai-pan. experienced players can just take a place and play beginners can get a tutorial form one of our members.


Koi-koi is a traditional Japanese card game with a very interesting set of rules. The rules, though somewhat complex, are easely learned. So come by and learn the art of koi-koi. You'll love this adicting game.
Whole weekend

Tai-Pai (Tichu)

Tai-pai or Tichu ia a card game that includes elements of Bridge, Daihinkin and Poker into one fast paced and exciting game. Tai-pai is a 4 player game consisting of 2 teams that compete against each other. You can learn to play Tai-pai dureing the entire weekend.
So learn the Game find a partner and drag lady luck with you to the tournament and who knows, you might just take a small prize home!
Whole weekend,

Photography contest

On Saturday we will organize a photography contest. Its not necessary to have a good camera to participate because this contest is all about originality and creativity!

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