Alfred J. Kwak: father, a story in songs

With great pride we announce the story in songs of Alfred J. Kwak: father. This will be a unique performance by The Jodocus Collective. All the Alfred J. Kwak songs will be performed and used to tell the never-animated story Alfred becoming a father. This show is a special adaptation for an older public of an existing children's theater show. Do not miss it!

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Dipping Bobbing Diving, the story of Alfred Jodocus Kwak ‘Father’ in songs

Spetter Pieter Pater, het verhaal van Alfred Jodocus Kwak ‘Vader’ in liedjes

Performed by The Jodocus Collective Uitgevoerd door Het Jodocus Collectief
Alfred Jodocus Kwak is going to be a father! His wife Winnie just laid 7 eggs. But before the eggs are hatched they mysteriously dissapear from the nest. Alfred Jodocus Kwak wordt vader! Zijn vrouw Winnie heeft 7 eieren gelegd. Maar voordat de eieren zijn uitgebroed verdwijnen ze op raadselachtige wijze uit het nest.
Along with thousands of turtle eggs the eggs of Alfred and Winnie are being smuggled to Great Waterland because in Great Waterland there are posh storks and herons who love tasty lively little baby ducklings. Samen met duizenden schildpadeieren worden Alfred’s en Winnies eieren naar Groot Waterland gesmokkeld omdat daar deftige ooievaars en reigers wonen die gek zijn op smakelijke springlevende kuikentjes.

Presented by Harlekijn Holland, performed by The Jodocus Collective.
© illustrations Harlekijn / Van Veen, Siepermann, Bacher.

In cooperation with the:
Herman van Veen Arts Center


The usual rules apply.


Saturday, Sunday and Weekend visitors

Location and time

Amazon, Saturday 12:00 - 13:00 in Dutch

Amazon, Sunday 14:00 - 15:00 in English

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