Anime 2014 Gala

We are back with the Ball. This year's edition will be even better than the last, as we have now reserved two rooms for the event.
Not only do we have the Amazon room as our main venue, we will also use the brand new Onyx room where you can step back and relax a bit.

It's safe to say that we want to have the most appropriate music. To make sure that happens, the music will be hand picked by our staff and... you!
If you have any suggestions, fill in the form here.

Of course since it's a ball we'll have some ballroom dancing too!
Do you have trouble dancing? Afraid to try?
Our Butler Cafe Royal Roulette will be sure to help you with this with
their dance workshop prior to the prom.

Last but not least we will be selecting a Miss and Mister Anime 2014.
Show off your best dress or suit and you might just be crowned yourself!

Come visit Friday night in the Amazon and Onyx room!


Amazon / Onyx


21:00 - 22:00 Introduction Ballroom dancing
22:00 - 02:00 Animecon Ball.


Friday (untill 23:59) and whole weekend visitors.

Dress code:

There is no formal dress code, but we highly encourage you to dress for the occasion.
We do have a minimum limit though. Being a bit underdressed is not really an issue though, but if you decide to wear clothes that are too revealing or too short, you will be denied entrance.

This means:

Gentlemen should wear clothes that cover the upper body and arms (So, at roughly the area of a T-shirt), the lower body should be covered from waist down to, at least, past the knees. Shoes should be closed (e.g. no flip-flops).

Ladies should have at least their upper torso covered and also be covered from the waist down covering the upper portion of the legs (something in the lines of a cocktail dress or a summer dress at least).

Wearing too revealing clothes or showing too much underwear is not allowed. Going against the spirit of the event will result in removal (no trolling please).

Please adhere to these rules to make it a night to remember.

Ticketbooth Open

Order your tickets now!

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